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Tony ‘Drunken F00l’ Paloma Now Working for Valve

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Tony ‘Drunken F00l’ Paloma Now Working for Valve

Tony Paloma, best known as ‘Drunken F00l’, has just confirmed over on Reddit.com and on the SourceOP.com forums that he has signed a job offer with Valve and will start working for them from mid-August onwards.

As a result of this, Paloma, best known for the SourceOP server plug-in and the infamous TF2 Idler program, will be transferring TF2Items.com over to a user named ‘Nephyrin’. Furthermore, he will also be releasing the SourceOP source code (i.e. making it open source to everyone) as a result of it being “unwise to continue privately working on and releasing plugins based off of [Valve’s] intellectual property”.

Paloma has written a lengthy forum post on what exactly will be going down in the coming months, and is also hosting a ‘Ask Me Anything’ thread on Reddit.

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  1. This is pretty neato. Considering he was banned and got hired.

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