Community Spotlight

The works of Chemical Alia

Digital Artwork to the next level.

There has been a lot of impressive Valve-related art over the years, from the Team Fortress 2 propaganda contest to WillHelmKranz’s works on DeviantArt, and among them, Chemical Alia’s paintings have to be some of the most impressive pieces of fanart we’ve seen. In this community spotlight, editors ThePerson5 and Jeff share and discuss their favourite pieces of Chemical Alia’s artwork, and present an interview with her.


LambdaGeneration is a website dedicated to the games, services and products of Valve Corporation.

We try to cover everything Valve. From Portal to Source SDK to Dota 2, and most of all, Half-Life.

It is run by the community for the community with no commercial incentive.

The universal fan-base created as a result of Valve’s work has led to the existence of a strong (and patient) community which withholds a diverse culture of passion, creativity and inspiration.

Our aim is to establish a platform to express this culture as a celebration of our own passion and love for everything Valve. To simply put it, we are a load of people who just love crowbars, deceiving cakes and engineers saying nope.

LambdaGeneration is divided into six key areas which we feel best represent the ‘Valve Community Culture’. These are News & Rumours, Discussion & Analysis, Modding & Development, Multimedia & Film, Art & Creations and Community & Projects. Each section corresponds to one of the six colours in our logo and is coded with that color throughout the site. The website is further divided into sub-sections of the main subjects we cover, essentially all of Valve’s series.

The name ‘LambdaGeneration’ attempts to relate to the ‘Generation of Lambda’ as both the generation as the group/following/epoch of Valve  as well as the creation/making/production of things of Valve and Half-Life. It could be said that a large majority of the Valve Community entered into it through Half-Life, hence the use of the ‘Lambda’ – the Half-Life logo.

Contact Us

We have numerous ways to get in touch. Each section has it’s own email address which corresponds to its URL (ie. news, discussion, modding, multimedia, creations and community). You can email those sections by proceeding the above titles with for the respective sections. Your email will be then automatically forwarded to everyone involved in that section.

Alternatively for general enquires or to just let out our frustration for the next Half-Life sequel, contact admin (at)

Some members of staff listed below also may have a public email address you can contact for individual enquires.


LambdaGeneration is contribution based website and therefore everyone who works on the site does this through their own dedication, passion and commitment. Members have different roles depending upon the their chosen role and area. Roles are divided into Administrators, Editors, Authors and Contributors.



Founder, designer and administrator of LambdaGeneration. I currently manage the weekly spotlight and contribute to articles to various sections.

I first played Half-Life when I was only five years old. It sounds crazy to say but it did really change my life! I founded LambdaGeneration from my passion towards Valve and the community created by their products.

"Ay ups!"

  • Location: Huddersfield, England
  • Occupation: Architecture Student
  • Fav Game: Half-Life of course!


Admin + Editor

Editor for the Art & Creations section. Will be covering fan art and anything else in general.

Animator and Valve fan, will be covering art and managing the Tumblr.


  • Location: Oregon, USA
  • Occupation: Student and Animator
  • Fav Game: Ricochet



Manages the youtube channel and creates videos, combine advisor, helps with everything behind the scenes, also interested in writing tutorials for Source SDK.

"מה קורה"

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Occupation: Student, Source SDK modding
  • Fav Game: Portal 2... wait no Half-Life 2... Biosho- HELP I CAN'T DECIDE



Lead writer for Discussion & Analysis, drives content, assists with contributors, and provides editing support.

Longtime Valve fan, sci-fi fan, and nerd in general.


  • Location: Canada
  • Occupation:
  • Fav Game:



Massive Portal and Half-Life fan (surprise surprise). Has some experience of mapping with Source SDK and reports on new map and mod releases and updates, in addition to reviews, analysis and maybe more.

MisterAddy enjoys playing mods, making maps with the Source SDK and referring to himself in the third person.


  • Location: England
  • Occupation: Student
  • Fav Game: Super Mario World

The Dhel


Host "All Things λ"

I work on a ton of things regulary, ranging from music, over videos, to adventure games! Playing games is also a thing i do quite often, but my passion really is in thinking of ideas for new games.


  • Location: Germany
  • Occupation: Host "All Things λ"
  • Fav Game: Myst
The Dhel



Will be reporting mod news, releases.

Avid lurker of the Source modding community. Here to report what mods are being released/produced, reviews of said mods, and [some other third thing]!


  • Location: California, USA
  • Occupation: Modding - level design/writing
  • Fav Game: Half Life 2 - recurring theme?



In charge of the Film & Multimedia section on this site. I occasionally write things as well.

Born in the land of vikings and porn (the notoriously good kind). I spend my days laughing at unfortunate strangers. I'm also a loot hoarder... wanna see my Portal gun?

"Hallå bruden!"

  • Location: Sweden
  • Occupation: Looking for work
  • Fav Game: The Game (and you just lost it!)



Content Author

I've been crafting maps since I was 17 years old, I am now 31 :( Now I mostly talk about crafting maps on youtube.

"'Ello Guvnor"

  • Location: England
  • Occupation: Professional Bum
  • Fav Game: Quake (1)



Site supporter, Valve and Elder Scrolls fanatic, game developer and artist

"Γεια σας!"

  • Location: Athens, Greece
  • Occupation:
  • Fav Game:



Founded the site with Alex, helps with site management and coding as well as keeping everything cool.


  • Location: Boston, USA
  • Occupation:
  • Fav Game: Half-Life 2



Overall responsibility for Discussion & Analysis section. Provides editing and drives content creation, supporting the writing team.

Half-Life 2 addict, regular SPUF contributor.

"G'Day mate!"

  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Occupation:
  • Fav Game:



Contributor to News & Rumours. WIll be covering stories relating to Steam.

Owner of SteamVK.


  • Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Occupation: Making news for SteamVK and doing some stuff in SFM
  • Fav Game: Secret of the Magic Crystal



I've been a Half-Life obsessive for a long time - ever since HL2 introduced me to the gaming community. When I'm not on this site, I draw stuff and critique other stuff.


  • Location: New York, USA
  • Occupation: Curmudgeon
  • Fav Game: Don't make me chooooose!




Viking geek hailing from the cold north. Covers the News and Rumors section here at LambdaGeneration. I love cats!


  • Location: Trondheim, Norway
  • Occupation: Student
  • Fav Game: Blood Omen

Previous Members

These people helped make LambdaGeneration what it is today:

Pinky – One of the first writers on LambdaGeneration.

Mimaz – Editorial writer, Co-host of The Steamcast Podcast.

Vic – Former Lead Editor, made the site what it is. Doesn’t need an introduction here.

Flamov – Previous reporter, creator and co-host of  The Steamcast Podcast.

Erebus – Writer and reporter, also involved in founding the site (also known as Waqwarrior).

TykTok - Editorial writer

Inaki - Contributor, also involved in founding the site.

RedBadger - Tutorial writer

Original Founding Group

These people helped kick-start LambdaGeneration back in 2010:

  • WaqWarrior (erebus)
  • Bertsen
  • Inaki
  • Kran4e
  • PhoeniX-Storms
  • PlanetPhillip
  • William (From Podcast 17)
  • ACE31092
  • Kree
  • Doomlord
  • LambdaCore21
  • Barnz
  • LaWlRuS WaLrUs
  • Topher

Help & Support

These people are awesome:

Fromz – Long time supporter, helped create soundfiles used for our videos and website.

Kennyist – Site Coding Help, helped create the Steam OpenID login system and offered support for PHP problems.

SiPlus – Coding for the ‘Coming soon page’ sound which caused a Half-Life 3 Consipriacy.

K00pa – Offered help & support for coding problems

Rewire – JQuery Pro, offered help & support for coding problems

Mark Haynes - Offered help & support for coding problems

Cameron:D - Offered help & support for coding and server problems

Mio - Huge supporter, offered to translate the sites content into German

Lite Agent - Provider of interesting news stories, offered a lot of support through social networks

Barnz - Provided some imagery to be used on the sites design


Feel free to use our logos, however we ask that you credit us appropriately if it is displayed publicly.

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