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The Next Generation

Today, October 10th 2017, marks 10 years since the release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Today is also the day we're announcing something exciting that's coming to LambdaGeneration soon. Rather than go on about things in an article, we created a video instead to talk about, where we've been, thoughts…

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The G-Man Squad Is Back, And Fully Remastered

Other The G-Man Squad Is Back, And Fully Remastered

These days, the art of machinima isn’t doing as well as it used to. But way back in 2008, one of its masters was, and still is Xanatos of the Janus Syndicate, who released the first episode of the G-Man Squad series that same year. While he’s still making some awesome stuff these days, the G-Man Squad remains many people’s favorites from the Janus Syndicate. Which might be why Xanatos has decided to return to its origins, with a ten-minute G-Man Squad special containing re-shot and re-edited video from its first 3 episodes, as well as some never-before-seen footage. And yes, you get to hear Boris’s… distinct scream, in HD audio.

The Boy Who Stole Half-Life 2

Other The Boy Who Stole Half-Life 2

Who doesn’t remember E3 2003? The entire gaming community, caught by total surprise with amazing footage of HL2? A release date just 4 months away? It seemed like a dream come true, really. Until July rolled around, and Vivendi announced that the game would not make September 30th. Gabe responded with the legendary: “First time I’ve heard about this.”

And oddly enough, it seemed as though HL2 might make September 30th. At least until Valve went into what seemed to be a total media blackout towards the end of summer. Apart from mentioning that HL2 would make the previously announced release date, no footage or details on the game were released. It seemed almost surreal… well, until September 23rd rolled around, and Valve announced that HL2, just one week before its planned release date, would be delayed until the holidays. Immediately, the fans went crazy. But one thing people weren’t expecting was one fan leaking the entire game and its source code onto the Internet.