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Fix a Crumbling City in 'INFRA' - A New Source Based Puzzle-Adventure Game, Now on Steam

'INFRA' is a freshly released first-person puzzle adventure game. It was initially created as a Portal 2 modification, but became a standalone Source engine title after Steam Greenlight success in 2013. Last month, Infra finally came out on Steam.

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Black Mesa Source’s Soundtrack To Be Released Alongside Website Redesign “Soon Enough”, Mod Release To Follow 14 Days Afterwards [UPDATED]

Other Black Mesa Source’s Soundtrack To Be Released Alongside Website Redesign “Soon Enough”, Mod Release To Follow 14 Days Afterwards [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 2: Chris "StormSeeker" Horn, also on the Black Mesa team, says we "might be surprised at just how short" of a time we'll have to wait for Black Mesa. Still think nothing's going on?]

[UPDATE: Anthony "OnboardError" Stone, currently doing level design for Black Mesa... says the mod is coming "very soon", in an e-mail exchange not even one day old, courtesy of Reddit. Interesting, to say the least.]

Black Mesa (or Black Mesa: Source, if you’re old-fashioned) is a mod that needs no introduction. But we’re going to give it one anyway. It’s a complete remake/reimagining of the original Half-Life, in the modern Source engine. Best of all? It’s a completely free Source modification. It’s been in development since late 2004, and it’s only ever had one projected release date: “2009″. As we all know, they missed that date, and since then, they’ve “submerged” with regards to their PR practices, and they have reverted to the classic ”When it’s Done” release date.

Last year, back in 2011, Black Mesa’s composer and sound designer, Joel Nielsen, announced that the Black Mesa soundtrack had gone gold. This meant that work on it had been completely finished, but it didn’t mean that the soundtrack was to be released any time soon. Instead, it was stated by the developers that the soundtrack would eventually be released prior to the mod’s release, and that the mod itself would be released exactly 2 weeks after the soundtrack is released. Obviously, 2011 came and went, and while the Black Mesa devteam is still active on their forums and their Wiki, the soundtrack has, obviously, not been released. However, turns out the soundtrack’s release, and the mod’s release… might not be too far now!

GameSpot’s “All Time Greatest Game Sidekick” – Vote For Alyx Vance And The Companion Cube

Other GameSpot’s “All Time Greatest Game Sidekick” – Vote For Alyx Vance And The Companion Cube

This is GameSpot’s third competition focusing on the greatest video game characters of all time. The first was “All Time Greatest Video Game Hero” back in 2009, and Gordon Freeman actually won that one, after steam-rolling every other hero, including Mario. The second was “All Time Greatest Video Game Villain” back in 2010, and while Dr. Breen and GLaDOS were both among the villains, they both lost, due to some pretty suspicious voting from two of their rivals. But now GameSpot is hosting a third contest – and this time, it focuses on the greatest sidekick of all time.

Steam Support Is Now On Twitter

Other Steam Support Is Now On Twitter

From time to time, you get a lovely love letter, in the form of an attempt to hack your Steam account, straight from a hacker from… Latvia, or something. There’s a few things you can do in this case: blush and wonder how one might go about contacting such a secret admirer, or desperately try to get your account back while shouting brutal threats at anyone in your vicinity, or contacting Steam Support.

Some say it doesn’t help, but that’s silly. Support is on the way, and you’ll get your account back. All your valuable TF2 items and yes, your prized indie game collection, complete with associated leaderboard scores will be safe yet again. And now there’s a quicker way to contact these great folks, so you don’t go insane while waiting for a response.

PSA: The Combine OverWiki Is Back Online [UPDATED]

Other PSA: The Combine OverWiki Is Back Online [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: And hours later, the second brief downtime period has ended. The wiki is now back online, yet again.]

Just a quick reminder/public service announcement: earlier this week, the Combine OverWiki came back online, following a brief period of downtime caused by a domain name registration issue.

The wiki is now completely operational again (and still being actively maintained, with far better quality content than any other Half-Life wiki has to offer), so check it out and, why not, consider becoming an editor!

On a related note, the wiki’s admins plan to switch to a far better hosting system some time later this year. And once that’s done, the sky’s the limit!