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Fix a Crumbling City in 'INFRA' - A New Source Based Puzzle-Adventure Game, Now on Steam

'INFRA' is a freshly released first-person puzzle adventure game. It was initially created as a Portal 2 modification, but became a standalone Source engine title after Steam Greenlight success in 2013. Last month, Infra finally came out on Steam.

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Oh My God, Source 2 Is Actually Real – And A Sneak Peek At The New Hammer Editor?

Source Oh My God, Source 2 Is Actually Real – And A Sneak Peek At The New Hammer Editor?

UPDATE 3: Facepunch member J*Rod has created an insightful and very informative explanation of how Source 2 might work, based on what we’ve seen in the leaked code. If you can’t read code (or as I like to call it, hieroglyphs), then this is your lucky day.

UPDATE 2: LambdaGen fan 3rrorVirus has made this hilarious little video about this whole Source 2 debacle – check it out!

UPDATE: Facepunch member DevinWatson has compiled a full list of just about every single Source 2 reference in the SFM files. Take a look!

Yeah, it gets better. Waaay better.

Steam Support Is Now On Twitter

Other Steam Support Is Now On Twitter

From time to time, you get a lovely love letter, in the form of an attempt to hack your Steam account, straight from a hacker from… Latvia, or something. There’s a few things you can do in this case: blush and wonder how one might go about contacting such a secret admirer, or desperately try to get your account back while shouting brutal threats at anyone in your vicinity, or contacting Steam Support.

Some say it doesn’t help, but that’s silly. Support is on the way, and you’ll get your account back. All your valuable TF2 items and yes, your prized indie game collection, complete with associated leaderboard scores will be safe yet again. And now there’s a quicker way to contact these great folks, so you don’t go insane while waiting for a response.