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The Next Generation

Today, October 10th 2017, marks 10 years since the release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Today is also the day we're announcing something exciting that's coming to LambdaGeneration soon. Rather than go on about things in an article, we created a video instead to talk about, where we've been, thoughts…

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Dino D-Day Having Free Weekend

Other Dino D-Day Having Free Weekend

Dino D-Day, like many others, was once a mod before being a full standalone Source title. Released officially earlier this year, Dino D-Day didn’t garner much attention. But now, coming alongside the T-Rex Update (which should also bring a Dino D-Day SDK) is a free weekend for Dino D-Day, which also brings a 50% sale for the game.

At the moment, there are a good 30 hours left in the event, so you’ve got some time to try the game out, and decide on a possible purchase. We here at LambdaGeneration are great fans of good dinosaur-killing fun, which Dino D-Day most certainly delivers. It’s a great title, featuring some of the most fun I’ve ever had in an FPS. There’s some pretty bad balancing issues, but the game really is a lot of fun. Be sure to try it out.


Marc Laidlaw Confirms That There Is No Half-Life 3 ARG

Other Marc Laidlaw Confirms That There Is No Half-Life 3 ARG

I did say we weren’t going to touch on that so-called “ARG”, that so many people were convinced existed inside the Wheatley nomination short from the 2011 VGA’s, but I did add “for now” to the end of that sentence. Well, guess what? We’re already ragging on it, except this time we know for sure that there is no Half-Life 3 ARG. How? Read on to find out!

News Roundup #61

Other News Roundup #61

Sorry for the lack of activity around here! I’ve been really busy lately, and since I’m probably the last of the mohicans around here, it’s had a nasty effect on the site. I’m working on ways to ensure this doesn’t really happen again, and you’ll be hearing about that very shortly. Let’s just say it involves putting more people into our lovely, imaginary offices.

Flamov is Here

Other Flamov is Here

For far too long I have been writing by myself here on LambdaGeneration.

It’s giving me severe mental issues… such as… uhh, “bad” syndrome.

It’s… well, it’s bad and I have to see a doctor about it.