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Fix a Crumbling City in 'INFRA' - A New Source Based Puzzle-Adventure Game, Now on Steam

'INFRA' is a freshly released first-person puzzle adventure game. It was initially created as a Portal 2 modification, but became a standalone Source engine title after Steam Greenlight success in 2013. Last month, Infra finally came out on Steam.

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Valve’s Wacky Plan To Get More PC-to-Mac Games on Steam and More Developers Using Steamworks


Valve’s Jason Holtman tells GamesIndustry.biz about their plan to get more PC-to-Mac games on Steam, and more importantly, their plan to get more third-party developers using Steamworks, Valve’s free software suite that includes Steam’s community support, dev tools, online play and copy protection (the most recent and popular game to use Steamworks is, of course, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2). Hit the jump for the full story.

Valve want to make a Half-Life movie themselves!

Other Valve want to make a Half-Life movie themselves!

It was just another night in the LG office. Other than Alex and I, not another soul was in the entire damn room. Pinky had recently crashed the LG dirigible into the building when he found out school’s startin’ over in “whereever-he-lives”. As the wind blew through the gaping hole in the wall, suddenly, Alex bust in, yelling “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD”. I then asked “What’s going on, Alex?”, only to get stampeded by him. As I slowly got up and realized just how strong he is, he then yelled-

A Call For Communication’s “Mosaic for Valve”

Other A Call For Communication’s “Mosaic for Valve”

The Call For Communication movement’s “A Red Letter Day” event was a pretty significant success. Getting over 13,000 fans playing Half-Life 2 almost 8 years after its release in the hope that Valve will notice is no easy task. But now they’re moving on to bigger things – with a pretty big, ingenious and impressive event that Valve will notice. Because it’s something we’re going to hand over to them, as a part of Half-Life history.