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Fix a Crumbling City in 'INFRA' - A New Source Based Puzzle-Adventure Game, Now on Steam

'INFRA' is a freshly released first-person puzzle adventure game. It was initially created as a Portal 2 modification, but became a standalone Source engine title after Steam Greenlight success in 2013. Last month, Infra finally came out on Steam.

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Valve’s Wacky Plan To Get More PC-to-Mac Games on Steam and More Developers Using Steamworks


Valve’s Jason Holtman tells GamesIndustry.biz about their plan to get more PC-to-Mac games on Steam, and more importantly, their plan to get more third-party developers using Steamworks, Valve’s free software suite that includes Steam’s community support, dev tools, online play and copy protection (the most recent and popular game to use Steamworks is, of course, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2). Hit the jump for the full story.

Goodbye, Roundups!

Other Goodbye, Roundups!

They had a good run. But after over one year in service, we are dropping News Roundups. Pretty much permanently. They may or may not return some day, perhaps in a completely different form, but this is the end of the Roundups, as we know them. At the end of the day, they took up valuable time that could be used working on other articles, they needlessly segregated each news week, and they restricted us to a certain time table. As GLaDOS said, “You just have to look at things objectively, see what you don’t need anymore, and trim out the fat”. We thank you for reading them, and we’re really glad if you enjoyed them.

So… yeah. That’s about it. Bless all forms of intelligence.

New Portal 2 Clip To Debut at the VGA’s this Saturday!

Other New Portal 2 Clip To Debut at the VGA’s this Saturday!

Geoff Keighley is a gaming journalist who frequently does work for GameTrailers and Spike TV.

You might know him as the host of GameTrailers TV, which has featured Valve announcements and news before.

He also does “The Bonus Round”, a roundtable talkshow also featured on GameTrailers.

Some veteran Half-Lifers might know him as the man behind “The Final Hours of Half-Life 2″, a massive GameSpot feature chronicling the development of Half-Life 2.

He also happens to know a lot about this Saturday’s Spike TV Video Game Awards.