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We Are The Lambda Generation. LambdaGeneration is a website dedicated to the video game Half-Life. ( We're basically really passionate about crowbars, headcrabs and anyone who has goatee with a PhD in theoretical physics… )

The Next Generation

Today, October 10th 2017, marks 10 years since the release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Today is also the day we're announcing something exciting that's coming to LambdaGeneration soon. Rather than go on about things in an article, we created a video instead to talk about, where we've been, thoughts…

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Half-Life: Escape From City 17 – Part Two Released

Other Half-Life: Escape From City 17 – Part Two Released

Way back on the 12th of February 2009, two brothers created what remains, arguably, the greatest Half-Life fanfilm (or greatest Half-Life film, period) ever made. Escape From City 17: Part One went viral almost immediately after release, and inspired numerous other filmmakers to create their very own Half-Life fanfilms. Since then, the creators, the Purchase Brothers have been very busy with a number of projects, including a feature film. They released another teaser for Part Two and a recut of Part One in October of 2009, but since then, we’ve heard absolutely nothing from them.

Steam Halloween Sale Goes Live (Technically, It’s Gone Undead)


This might be a shock to you, because it certainly was to me: Halloween hasn’t actually started yet. We’ve still got about a day left, yet anything remotely Halloween-related has already been going on for a few days now. How will I be able to celebrate… uhh, the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on the 27th of October, when people are just going around asking for candy while dressed as video game characters (some of them even appear to be dressed as homeless people, although they tend to ask for money instead)? That’s just not right, not right at all.

But what if cheap horror games are involved? Then… well, I suppose all sins are forgiven after all. Screw you, Audiovisual Heritage Day! It’s time to play Killing Floor with my friends!

HL2 Cinematic Mod 11 Revealed

Other HL2 Cinematic Mod 11 Revealed

If you want to have more eye candy in your HL2, odds are you’ve heard of, or maybe even played the Cinematic Mod. Whether you liked it or not is a different story. The Cinematic Mod represents a classic case of “love it or hate it” modding, but, in the end, whether you agree or disagree with FakeFactory’s creative vision, you have to admit; the man does know how to make game levels look gorgeous.

Operation: Lambda – Media Release 2

Other Operation: Lambda – Media Release 2

Editorial note: David helped with our feature image again! Give him a big round of applause, folks.

Operation Lambda is a Source total conversion that offers a completely different view on the events of the original Half-Life.

The player takes the role of a scientist who, during (or even prior to) the events of the resonance cascade, is accidentally teleported to the Combine Overworld.

The player will not only fight on the Combine Overworld, but in the ruins of Black Mesa, and will witness the beginning of the Seven Hour War.

After some anticipation, the talented mod team behind Operation Lambda have unveiled Media Release 2.