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The Next Generation

Today, October 10th 2017, marks 10 years since the release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Today is also the day we're announcing something exciting that's coming to LambdaGeneration soon. Rather than go on about things in an article, we created a video instead to talk about, where we've been, thoughts…

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Gabe Sez: No New Game Announcements At E3?

Other Gabe Sez: No New Game Announcements At E3?

Needless to say, most folks have been… a bit excited regarding Valve’s E3 showing. They’ve booked a private press room, just as they did for their previous game announcements and reveals, and they’re talking about a possible big unified PC platform press conference, something completely new for E3. So it makes sense that they might be planning something big. However, there’s been some… developments, so to speak. Let’s take a look.

Toxis Residuum – HL2 Mod

Other Toxis Residuum – HL2 Mod

Toxis Residuum is a mod being developed by two good friends of mine. Both of em have put a LOT of work into it, but they’re running into some problems, mainly with recruitment, as they REALLY need a modeler/animator, a coder and maybe a texture artist. If you’ve got the skills, talk to em! Still, the mod may be put on a hiatus if they don’t find some personnel, but the mod definitely needs some publicity, so check it out after the jump!

Tony ‘Drunken F00l’ Paloma Now Working for Valve

Other Tony ‘Drunken F00l’ Paloma Now Working for Valve

Tony Paloma, best known as ‘Drunken F00l’, has just confirmed over on Reddit.com and on the SourceOP.com forums that he has signed a job offer with Valve and will start working for them from mid-August onwards.

As a result of this, Paloma, best known for the SourceOP server plug-in and the infamous TF2 Idler program, will be transferring TF2Items.com over to a user named ‘Nephyrin’. Furthermore, he will also be releasing the SourceOP source code (i.e. making it open source to everyone) as a result of it being “unwise to continue privately working on and releasing plugins based off of [Valve’s] intellectual property”.

Paloma has written a lengthy forum post on what exactly will be going down in the coming months, and is also hosting a ‘Ask Me Anything’ thread on Reddit.