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Fix a Crumbling City in 'INFRA' - A New Source Based Puzzle-Adventure Game, Now on Steam

'INFRA' is a freshly released first-person puzzle adventure game. It was initially created as a Portal 2 modification, but became a standalone Source engine title after Steam Greenlight success in 2013. Last month, Infra finally came out on Steam.

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News Roundup #53

Other News Roundup #53

It’s been a busy news week! Between Valve firing on all fronts with TF2 cross-game promos and what may be the world’s first Half-Life protest, we’ve also seen the addition of a major new Steam feature.

Well, not that busy. I’m sure there’ll be one news week when we’ll see Valve announce Day of Defeat 2 (Dipping its toes in modern warfare, perhaps?), Gunman Chronicles 2 (The gaming industry needs more space westerns), Deathmatch Classic 2 (Three-Wave CTF, where have you gone?), and the long-awaited Ricochet 2 (Hey, they revived Tron!), all bundled inside the United Nations Blue Box. It will be a glorious news week, indeed.

Presenting The LambdaGeneration Monthly Mini-Poll! [POLL UPDATED]

Other Presenting The LambdaGeneration Monthly Mini-Poll! [POLL UPDATED]

[UPDATE: We've updated the poll with a tenth option: Valve's upcoming space-based game: "SOB". If you were holding off on voting, then you can now head on over and decide what to vote for.]

Today we’re launching the first in a series of Mini-Polls that we’ll be doing on a monthly basis. This one is titled “What is the next Valve game you are most anticipating?”. You can find it further down the page, under the “Recent Comments” section of the sidebar. There’s 9 choices, plus an “Other” choice (we forgot to add SOB, and we’ll be updating the poll with that soon, so if you’re actually waiting for SOB, hold off on your vote until we add it). Let us know what you think – in both the poll and here, in the comments section.

TF2 To Get Secret New Project In 2012, Steam Workshop Blog Goes Live, “Meet The Pyro” Is On The Way, And More!

Other TF2 To Get Secret New Project In 2012, Steam Workshop Blog Goes Live, “Meet The Pyro” Is On The Way, And More!

It’s now 2012. What are we all looking forward to? Well, we’re looking forward to another disappointing E3, for one. We’re totally not looking forward to a war in the Middle East, because it might end up being a war in Middle Everywhere. Although some of us might be looking forward to the end of the world, because the Mayans told us about it, and they had ancient aliens on their side. Not the Combine, though.

So what can we do? Well, we can ready our emergency supplies for the war in… well, just about everywhere. We can ready our game library for a disappointing E3, yes. But when it comes to the apocalypse, at the hands of the long-lost Mayan army, then all we can do is… play Team Fortress 2, I guess.

Valve Announces The Dota 2 International 2012 Championship, Taking Place At PAX Prime

Other Valve Announces The Dota 2 International 2012 Championship, Taking Place At PAX Prime

Last year, Dota 2′s world debut came to us through “The International“, the first ever Dota 2 tournament. It put 16 of the world’s most elite Dota teams up against each other, competing for a grand prize of $1 million dollars. It was a huge success, especially for the championship’s winners, team Na’Vi of Ukraine. There definitely was some crazy Mortal Kombat-type stuff: in fact, Shang Tsung himself drained the bandwidth out of the championship’s LAN, resulting in some wacky lagging issues for both spectators and players alike. Don’t get me wrong – it was a great tournament, but hopefully Valve has learned from the mistakes they made in both streaming and organization.

Well, they’d better have, for this year, the International is coming back, this time taking place at Benaroya Hall in Seattle, Washington; smack-dab in the middle of PAX Prime. An interesting choice, sure – but I’d say Germany was a far more accessible location for the eponymous international Dota fanbase. Still, it’ll make for added exposure, which is a good thing.

The 2012 International will be held during the last weekend of August: from the 31st of August to the 2nd of September. No details yet on how many millions of dollars the grand prize will contain - maybe it’ll be more this year. There will be 16 teams, just like last year, although we don’t know the full roster yet. The defending champions, Team Na’Vi of Ukraine; and this year’s newcomers: Team DK of China, are both the first teams to have been invited so far, although we’ll surely hear more about the other 14 teams soon.

Valve have already set up a teaser webpage for the championship, just like they did last year. Be sure to stay tuned to the official Dota 2 blog for more info on the event!

Three Mysterious Crashed Rockets Appear In Team Fortress 2

Other Three Mysterious Crashed Rockets Appear In Team Fortress 2

If you went back through time all the way to 2001, to the then young Valve community, and asked the average fan what he loved in Valve, he might not have answered with “viral game promotions”. If you went back to 2011 and asked the average Valve fan the same question, there’s a good chance he might answer with that.

But they don’t do your average kind of viral advertising. Valve does these in a very interesting way: using the actual games themselves. The “Dinosaur ARG” that lead up to Portal 2′s announcement, the “Potato Fools’ Day ARG” that lead up to Portal 2′s release, and the brief lead-up to the Team Fortress 2 Uber Update that had players hunting for in-game doves. All of these.

Now it seems as if they’re doing all that again!

Portal 2 at GamesCom: Doug Opening A Righteous Can of Press Releases

Other Portal 2 at GamesCom: Doug Opening A Righteous Can of Press Releases

Damn, what a busy week. Big TF2 update suddenly emerges, EP3′s still got nothing, and Valve will make a fantasy game. Yippee.

Remember Portal? That experimental game Valve bundled with the Orange Box? And that sequel they just announced? Yeah, that’s the one, and it’s coming to GamesCom, next week, in Cologne, Germany. More juicy details after that chasm I leave in the path of your speedy browsing.