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Articles by Flamov

New Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Footage From Multiplay’s Insomnia Gaming Festival, Beta Coming 30th November


Right now, Multiplay’s Insomnia Gaming Festival is underway in the U.K. which features comepetitive play of Counter-Strike: Source, TF2 and various other games. However, they managed to stage a 5 versus 5 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive show match between VeryGames and CKRAS with over one hour of footage from the beta. Hit the jump to watch the VOD of the show match.

In addition, the official Twitter account for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developers recently revealed that the beta will start on 30th November 2011.

Stock Up On These Portal 2 Long Fall Socks


Been considering… stocking… up on your geek apparel? Looking to attract a male or female… candidate… for your life? Wanting to… test… the geek prowess of your significant other?

Look no further for J!NX, renowned for its gaming and geek clothing products, have recently been selling pairs of Portal 2 Long Fall Socks, and while currently out of stock, are expected to be back in stock soon. Additionally, they have also been selling some Portal 2 Inter-Spatial Portal Earrings, two earrings depicting the entry and exit points of a portal, and a Portal 2 Stalemate Pendant Necklace, shaped after a personality core.

Portal: No Escape – Live Action Fan-Made Short


“A woman wakes up in a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there…” is the summary for the latest Portal fan-made film to join the ranks of what is already a seemingly overwhelming number of quality productions to come out of the community. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg, composed by Mike Zarin (who composed the soundtrack of the first Inception trailer) and starring Danielle Rayne, Portal: No Escape is not something you’d want to miss. Be sure to check out the video after the jump!

Valve Officially Attending Gamescom, Dota 2 Invitational Tournament To Be Held?


It would not be much of a surprise to see Valve attending Gamescom this year, having been absent from E3, of which has recently been made official on the convention website. But what would be surprising is that they are, according to a handful of sources, going to be showing off Dota 2 for the first time in public — but in the form of an invitational tournament, or a “promotional tournament”, as they put it.

Valve recently mailed several professional Dota players invitations to a “Dota 2 International Invitational being held in Cologne, Germany” which will, according to the letter, “mark the first public presentation of Dota 2”. On top of all of that, a thread on GosuGamers tells that there will be a prize pool in the tens of thousands of US Dollars, as well as beta invites for the players involved (of which has been going on for some time now with friends and family of Valve).

Tony ‘Drunken F00l’ Paloma Now Working for Valve


Tony Paloma, best known as ‘Drunken F00l’, has just confirmed over on and on the forums that he has signed a job offer with Valve and will start working for them from mid-August onwards.

As a result of this, Paloma, best known for the SourceOP server plug-in and the infamous TF2 Idler program, will be transferring over to a user named ‘Nephyrin’. Furthermore, he will also be releasing the SourceOP source code (i.e. making it open source to everyone) as a result of it being “unwise to continue privately working on and releasing plugins based off of [Valve’s] intellectual property”.

Paloma has written a lengthy forum post on what exactly will be going down in the coming months, and is also hosting a ‘Ask Me Anything’ thread on Reddit.

Control Point Podcast Returning? (Update: They are back!)


UPDATE: Episode #101 has just been posted on their official website. Welcome back, Control Point!

Started in November of 2007 (a month after the initial release of Team Fortress 2), the Control Point podcast became one of the most popular and prominent Team Fortress 2 podcasts in the community (alongside others such as Kritzkast and Friendly Fire). Throughout its history, the hosts would jokingly hint about the podcast ending on the 100th episode, and thus the podcast eventually came to an end in January of 2010 with the release of the 100th episode.

Over a year after the 100th episode was released, there has been no talk about the podcast ever returning. However, recently the TF2 Blog teased about a countdown that suddenly appeared on their website. Members of the Dead Workers Party community were quick to dissect the countdown code and look for any possible clues that may lead to a return of the Control Point podcast. When the timer hit 0, a full website was launched for the podcast, which used to reside on the official Dead Workers Party website (but now redirects to the new one). However, a much-speculated new episode has yet to be published, if any, and the hosts are remaining tight-lipped about what exactly the countdown entailed.

Only time will tell about any possible return of the podcast, and if it does, it will most likely be met with many open arms considering the ground-breaking Team Fortress 2 news as of late.

Artist Aram Bartholl Aims to Create a Full Scale Replica of de_dust


For those who are veterans of Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Source, imaging the layout and structure of the map ‘de_dust’ would not be a difficult task. The map, originally designed by Dave Johnston, has been a favourite in both the casual and competitive scenes of Counter-Strike, and some have shown their love for the map in real life. However, Berlin-based artist Aram Bartholl is raising the bar and hopes to build a full-scale (115 by 110 by 15 meters) replica of the map ‘de_dust’ using concrete and other materials.

According to his website, the full-scale replica will sport an art-piece in and of itself but also a museum, as he argues that “computer game architecture and game maps have become a new and yet undiscovered form of cultural heritage”. A proposal has been submitted to the Rhizome Comissions Program and is estimated to cost USD$5500, with an estimated release being Fall of 2011.

Kelly Bailey and Mike Dussault, two ex-Valve employees, release their first non-Valve project: Morfo


Back in March we reported on the absence of Kelly Bailey from Valve’s website, of which the finer details of were uncovered by Podcast 17 in their Mike Morasky interview. As it turns out, Kelly Bailey and another ex-Valve employee Mike Dussault have been working for SunSpark Labs, a company founded by the two late last year, after their increased interest in the “mobile development space“. Their latest release, Morfo, is an iOS application that can turn a photo of a face into a “talking, dancing, crazy 3D character”.

Real-Life H.E.V. Wall Charging Unit Computer Case Mod Is Born


A user by the name of ‘Frenkie’, a Holland-based award-winning computer case modder, recently showed off his latest creation on a real-life combine-style wall-mounted H.E.V. charging unit as seen in Half-Life 2. What’s so awesome about it? It’s an actual case for a computer. The base structure was based off of two Coolermaster Elite 340 cases, to which he cut using a large outline of the in-game model by way of CAD. The entire thread logs his progress from start to finish, so be sure to read the whole thing!

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