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Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Articles posted during Wednesday July 6th 2011

Tony ‘Drunken F00l’ Paloma Now Working for Valve


Tony Paloma, best known as ‘Drunken F00l’, has just confirmed over on and on the forums that he has signed a job offer with Valve and will start working for them from mid-August onwards.

As a result of this, Paloma, best known for the SourceOP server plug-in and the infamous TF2 Idler program, will be transferring over to a user named ‘Nephyrin’. Furthermore, he will also be releasing the SourceOP source code (i.e. making it open source to everyone) as a result of it being “unwise to continue privately working on and releasing plugins based off of [Valve’s] intellectual property”.

Paloma has written a lengthy forum post on what exactly will be going down in the coming months, and is also hosting a ‘Ask Me Anything’ thread on Reddit.

Control Point Podcast Returning? (Update: They are back!)


UPDATE: Episode #101 has just been posted on their official website. Welcome back, Control Point!

Started in November of 2007 (a month after the initial release of Team Fortress 2), the Control Point podcast became one of the most popular and prominent Team Fortress 2 podcasts in the community (alongside others such as Kritzkast and Friendly Fire). Throughout its history, the hosts would jokingly hint about the podcast ending on the 100th episode, and thus the podcast eventually came to an end in January of 2010 with the release of the 100th episode.

Over a year after the 100th episode was released, there has been no talk about the podcast ever returning. However, recently the TF2 Blog teased about a countdown that suddenly appeared on their website. Members of the Dead Workers Party community were quick to dissect the countdown code and look for any possible clues that may lead to a return of the Control Point podcast. When the timer hit 0, a full website was launched for the podcast, which used to reside on the official Dead Workers Party website (but now redirects to the new one). However, a much-speculated new episode has yet to be published, if any, and the hosts are remaining tight-lipped about what exactly the countdown entailed.

Only time will tell about any possible return of the podcast, and if it does, it will most likely be met with many open arms considering the ground-breaking Team Fortress 2 news as of late.