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Portal 2 – Coop Teaser Released!

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Rise and shine, ladies! I don’t care about your opinion on sleeping or Portal, but if you don’t wake up now, I will go down there and open a serious can of whoopass on you! Watch this trailer, NOW!

AND THANK YOU, CORPORAL PINKY, FOR HELPING ME. It’s morning, half the world is asleep, including our dear Alex and it’s time to deliver some NEWS. VIC & PINKY POWERS, GO!

Portal 2 – Coop Teaser Released!

Not much to say. There’s still going to be a GTTV episode, and we’ll still cover that.

Looks awesome, but it’s painfully short.


  1. Fantastic!!

  2. After the cinematic scene of the sphere robot telling the turret robot to go to the platform thingy, there is a gameplay footage of him placing portals, then the turret robot jumps and presses the button, I wonder if this is a cinematic made in source filmmaker or also a part of the gameplay (Nice animation)

  3. The taller robot > The shorter robot.

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