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Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Articles posted during Saturday August 21st 2010

Left 4 Dead – The Sacrifice DLC Announced!


Valve has revealed “The Sacrifice” today, a new expansion for the Left 4 Dead series, but focused around Left 4 Dead 1, that will explain the circumstances behind the L4D1 gang being in Georgia, and Bill’s death.

Since people are STILL ASLEEP, Pinky and I, the only Half-Life journalists awake at this ungodly hour, will bring you THE NEWS.

Portal 2 – Coop Teaser Released!


Rise and shine, ladies! I don’t care about your opinion on sleeping or Portal, but if you don’t wake up now, I will go down there and open a serious can of whoopass on you! Watch this trailer, NOW!

AND THANK YOU, CORPORAL PINKY, FOR HELPING ME. It’s morning, half the world is asleep, including our dear Alex and it’s time to deliver some NEWS. VIC & PINKY POWERS, GO!