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Articles by Pinky

Listen to Vic on Podcast 17 Live in 20 Minutes!


Vic just told me he’ll be co-hosting Podcast 17 episode 123 live in about 20 minutes (Saturday, February 19 at 6:00 p.m.).

I’ll save the fluff, so here’s a link to the livestream page, the agenda, and here’s the playlist file you need to listen with (it should be compatible with most modern media players). Alternatively, the podcast will be available for download in a day or two.

Everybody tune in and give it a listen!

[Vic: The episode has just been released in MP3 form. Head over here to download it.]

Hype Machine: Mod News Summary #1


Some of this news is extremely old, but it’s been piling up and I felt that it deserved recognition.

The offices here at Lambda Generation aren’t exactly on par with your regular cubicle complex – or public restroom, honestly. The recent roof accident and my dirigible… antics didn’t exactly help.

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