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Steam Holiday Sale 2010!

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Valve has been doing all sorts of ingenius marketing lately, and just in time for the holiday season. With 1,000+ games on sale and daily bundles and deals, the newest sale is larger than anything done in past years.

Steam Holiday Sale 2010!

This sale is laid out like a magazine, organized into daily deals, bundles, publisher catalogs, and Mac games. There’s so much on sale that it’s worth browsing through genre categories to see games you previously overlooked due to price. The sale goes until January 2nd, so you can buy your friends gifts for Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Years!

Also remember to log into Steam today with your 10 objectives completed in order for a chance to win 100 games.

As always, I highly recommend checking out the indie bundles. What will LG’ers be buying?

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  1. Darn, I am such an idiot for buying BFBC2 for 29.99$ two days ago, instead of buying it for 10$ today.

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