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Articles by Pinky

Pre-Order Poker Night at the Inventory

[λG] Pinky: We don’t have a post about Poker Night at the Inventory!
[λG] Vic: Poker Night?
[λG] Vic: And what might that be?
[λG] Pinky: The thing Telltale hinted at!
[λG] Vic: S**t
[λG] Vic: S**t
[λG] Vic: Uh
[λG] Pinky: Dibs
[λG] Vic: F**K
As you can see, we’re really on top of the news today.

Overwatch Released


Only a year in development and tons of community support have allowed the Overwatch team to release the first public client. There has been a lot of private testing recently, and apparently the developers are comfortable with going public.

The mod boasts plenty of new features and is an interesting twist to the traditional Source mod algorithm. More information and trailer after the jump.

Reverse Engineering


Hopefully you’ve seen some of the excellent Team Fortress 2 trolling videos that have popped up since the game’s launch. Maybe you’ve also noticed that they usually involve Engineers and/or Spies.

And angry people.

Steam Game Releases: August 16th – 20th


There’s been some stuff happening on Steam lately. Like maybe… I don’t know… How about more Madballs DLC! Try to keep your pants on while clicking the “more” button!

And I definitely didn’t just remember to write this because of Vic’s comment in the latest roundup. No sir, I was prepared.

We Heart You Phillip Marlowe


Back on June 27, Phillip Marlowe wrote an article thanking William McMahon for all his work on Podcast 17 and in the Half-Life community. He spoke of his dedication and love for the game and the people who play it , and it was an extremely thoughtful thing for Phillip to do.

Phillip runs his own website, PlanetPhillip, where he reviews mods and maps for the Half-Life and Portal games along with providing download mirrors and forums. He doesn’t plaster his sites with ads nor demand attention to himself, something that we here at Lambda Generation love to do.

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