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TF2 Beta Update Brings Multiple Loadout Presets, Multiple Misc Item Slots; And More From TF2

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What’s going on in the world of Team Fortress 2? Christ, who even knows anymore? Oh? I do… apparently. Let’s see what I might know.

TF2 Beta Update Brings Multiple Loadout Presets, Multiple Misc Item Slots; And More From TF2

4 days ago, the TF2 Beta received a pretty impressive update, packing some pretty dazzling additions and changes. First and foremost, you can now create your own class loadout presets. There’s 4 slots for your presets: A, B, C and D. Great stuff! Finally, I can have multiple item configurations for multiple gameplay situations – defense, offense, or the “obnoxious hat display” strategy. That one’s my favorite, as I’m sure you could extrapolate.

And, most importantly, we can now equip more than one Miscellaneous item. Sadly, there’s only two slots, and not three. But hey, it is something! And it’s just the Beta – perhaps a third Misc slot awaits when the update is added to the main game? The Foster’s Facade and the Noh Mercy now both use the Misc slot. And, god bless, the Pyro can now use the Reserve Shooter. It fits the Pyro surprisingly well, particularly since it was originally designed for the Pyro. Let’s hope it’s added to the Engineer and Heavy too, as it really does fit with those classes as well. I’d also like to see the Family Business be added to the Engineer, Pyro, and Soldier, but maybe that’s just asking too much. That’s not all in this update – there’s been a number of various alterations and gameplay changes – check everything out at the Official TF2 Wiki.

And that’s not all going on in the TF2 world as of late – remember PC Gamer’s exclusive TF2 hat: “The Killer Exclusive”? It’s on its way, and it will be featured in PC Gamer UK Issue #232, with an exclusive, but free activation code for the hat inside the magazine. Will the US magazine get it? I have no idea, but hey, you can always trade, craft, wait for a drop, or buy it from the store when it arrives in non-Genuine form one month afterwards. Me, personally? Look at that thing. I’m definitely going to try and get it in Genuine quality. Here’s the TF2 Wiki’s page on the hat.

But there’s also rumblings of a new, bigger update, containing the stuff that was cut out of the Uber Update. Here’s a thread devoted entirely to that subject, and here’s a pretty insightful post from a completely different thread. What is this stuff for? Probably the Halloween update, if you ask me. Yes, yes, it’s gonna be a big one! Raid Mode, here we come. Assuming you still exist. Well, more like “desperately hoping you still exist”.


  1. Dammit, I hate people talking about goddamn Raid mode. The relevant files were added before the sniper update so people wouldn’t be able to tell it would be a spy update as well by throwing people off the scent. That’s all. seriously.

  2. I don’t have enough items for this to be useful.

  3. I’ve been wanting item presets since before the initial class updates were finished.

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