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Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Articles posted during Sunday September 25th 2011

CS: Global Offensive Beta To Come In Early October, Restricted To Competitive Gamers And Invite Key Owners At First


Fans of restricted private betas are in luck, as CS:GO’s beta will first be a private one, restricted to owners of the Eurogamer Expo CS:GO beta keys and gamers from the competitive scene. It will, however, expand in scale as we approach the year’s end, and by then, Chet Faliszek “hopes everybody will be able to play”.  The information comes from The Reticule.

Hectic Glenn of also came on Podcast 17, (when I was coincidentally co-hosting) yesterday, live from Eurogamer Expo, and mentioned that community sites might also get their own beta keys. Gasp! Beta keys? For us? That’d be pretty great. Still, we might be getting some keys from the Eurogamer Expo as part of our coverage there – Flamov went there and will be reporting on it. Either way, we hope to be able to play the beta, and report on it for you guys.