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News Roundup #49

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Almost at number 50, and almost up to our… well, you’ll see soon enough!

News Roundup #49

Aram Bartholl aims to Create Full Scale Replica of DE_Dust

The only question is, who will protect the spot? Will it be… GSG-9? And what if terrorists try to blow it all up? Oh, man! So exciting!

Control Point Podcast has Returned

I suppose one year in internet time is like… 10 years? So it’s a bit like HL2, then. Back to Earth after a good decade or two.

Tony “Drunken F00l” Paloma Now Working at Valve

I suppose this makes him the first person to work at Valve, be VAC banned AND have a Community Weapon. Whereas we have… well, neither. Not that I’d actually want to get VAC banned, obviously. But I’d gladly take a… Community Breadcrumb, or something. And a janitor job at Valve.

“Valve Presents: The Sacrifice and Other Steam-Powered Stories” Comic Book to be Released on November 16th by Dark Horse Comics

Let’s hope we can actually buy it from somewhere. I swear, it’s like they purposely hide all of the comic books.

Combine OverWiki Leaving Wikia

About time!

L4D: Dead Air “2” to be Released by the 22nd of July


Behind the Scenes of Meet the Medic

“Kill me!”

“Half-Life: Singularity Collapse” Released

Boy, that guy blacks out a lot.

Incredible Half-Life 1 Single Segment Speedrun Clocks in at 32:55

The Battle of Marathon… only with a copy of Half-Life.

Final Sequence

And that’s that! Thank you for reading, and see you around!

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