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Left 4 Dead News: Week 17, Custom Campaigns, Summer Sale and DLC!

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Valve’s on the offensive, people!

Not only do we have Mutation Week 17 up, but we also have bi-weekly community campaigns operated by 120 official servers, summer sale on all  L4D merchandise, and that DLC we all forgot about.

More details after this.

Left 4 Dead News: Week 17, Custom Campaigns, Summer Sale and DLC!

News for Mutation Week 17

This week’s mutation is “Iron Man”, and Valve sums it up best.

No respawns, no restarts, no ammo, all tension!
Did you vote the Mutations are too easy? Try this one on Expert. Realism rules are in effect. There are no respawns in the map. There is no ammo. If your team wipes, you need to restart the whole campaign.

Last week’s poll results are in, and they do give some interesting information:

If you don’t play a mutation why?
The numbers by platform:
27% None Of these
22% Lack of Interest
22% Enjoy Traditional
10% Too Gimmicky
10% Too Easy
9% Too Hard

Xbox 360
41% None of These
21% Enjoy Traditional
17% Lack of Interest
8% Too Easy
7% Too Hard
6% Too Gimmicky

And this week’s poll is “How did Bill die?”. I voted “Overrun by Zombies”. Tell us what you voted in the comments section.

Next week’s Mutation will be “Developer’s Choice”. Ooh, sounds interesting.

In Other News…

New feature for PC players: bi-weekly community campaigns. Every 2 weeks, a fanmade campaign will be featured on Valve servers. This week, it’s “2 Evil Eyes”.  The blog post itself has info on how to install it, so check it out!

Valve’s also giving us something more awesome: a sale on all their L4D1/L4D2 merchandise! Replace your average school clothing with some AWESOME VALVE ZOMBIE CLOTHING.

And finally we’ll be hearing about just what happened with that L4D DLC and its comic, next Friday, August 20th, on GameTrailers TV.

So what happened with the third DLC for Left 4 Dead? Is there any new DLC on the way for L4D2? Where is the Mac version? Where is the comic? All your questions are answered, and more, next Friday August 20th on Game Trailers TV. The show airs at 12:30am on Spike.

Can’t wait!

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