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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Trailer To Be Revealed At GTTV

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Trailer To Be Revealed At GTTV

The promo for episode 418 of GameTrailers TV promises big things for Valve fans – as Geoff Keighley will be interviewing Gabe Newell at Gamescom, uncovering some new information on the Portal 2 DLC and Dota 2. But that’s not it! CS: Global Offensive will be revealed in episode 418, with a world premiere trailer, straight from Valve. Let’s hope we’ll get to see some gameplay!

Apparently it’s on “Thursday night at 1:05”. No time zones are mentioned, which makes viewing the episode more challenging and inconvenient than it should be. One of our readers, Pyth, told us that Wikipedia states that GTTV airs in Eastern Time, which means the episode should air in about 8 hours and 45 minutes. I’ll be posting about it, of course, so don’t worry.


  1. We have screenshots and videos now, but no trailer.

  2. The episode is airing on August 26th @ 1:05am Eastern Time.
    Which will be at 10:05pm Pacific time.

  3. So, I live in Portugal, and whats the time in GMT?

  4. Maybe they’ll talk about Half Life…

    ……… ;_;

  5. Wikipedia says GTTV airs in Eastern Time:

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