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George Broussard Calls Valve Out On Episode Three, Believe It Or Not

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The announcement of DotA 2 has had a few repercussions.

George Broussard Calls Valve Out On Episode Three, Believe It Or Not

No, we’re not talking about disgruntled Hammer Legion members provoking revolts all over the planet, we’re talking about trolls, or some of IceFrog’s ENEMIES, GRRR, taking the time to make a fake blog in which they say that IceFrog doesn’t have team spirit, he lied and had been working for several other mod teams all along, Gabe should have fired him, but they didn’t.

I’m sure all of our readers could tell the blog is a gigantic fake, even before Valve simply said “It’s fake”, before Riot Games confirmed that IceFrog never worked with them, before someone who may actually be Erik Wolpaw wrote a hilarious joke e-mail to RPS about it, before someone made a hilarious Epic Games parody about it…

… and before George Broussard, of 3D Realms fame, tweeted this:

Ex / current Valve employees tell me the IceFrog/DOTA blog post is all false. Good to hear. Now, where’s Half-Life Ep3? 🙂

Irony at its best, my friends.

Still, the guy is right.

DNF is almost finished, but no Episode Three? Has it really come to the point where George Broussard would be asking about it?

Oh, the horrors of Valve Time.



  1. I approve this.

    BTW 900th message. Gimme cookie, LambdaGen!

  2. The king of delays speaks about a delay…

  3. big lol!

  4. At least there was almost constant DNF news over the years.

  5. There is a part of me that still believes that DNF has stronger powers than Gearbox and that it will make them magically go bankrupt (just like with their previous developer) and then Episode Three will make an epic comeback and this will be just like old times…

    *wakes up*

    Oh sorry, I just fell asleep while I was waiting for BMS.

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