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Rumors #2 [Updated]

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Time for another one of these.

Remember, this is just speculation, and whispers we heard going round the street our office is on.

Well, more like the street our office was on.

See, now we can talk about that accident we mentioned in the Roundup. Let’s just say an accident took place. An accident that involved barbecue lighting fluid, one of those fancy electrical toothbrushes, and printer ink.

Rest assured, the office is in… good condition?

Rumors #2 [Updated]

[Update: Turns out the L4D3 thing is in fact, Prototype 2.

That still leaves our other rumor, though.]

Episode Three to be announced at the Spike TV Video Game Awards on December 11th?

To many people’s surprise, the Spike VGA’s are much more than a shrine to mediocre shooters and Xbox 360 action games. They also happen to be the place where numerous games get announced out of the blue, a notable example being Medal of Honor.

Recently, a small teaser for a world premiere announcement to be shown at the VGA’s has been posted up on the internet.

It features a brief zoom-in from some sort of satellite, which then switches to a shot of some snowy CGI mountains, after which our perspective shifts entirely to what seems to be an arctic landscape, with a helicopter looking suspiciously like Episode Two’s Mil Mi-8 flying above.

Could it be Episode Three?

I personally am not counting on it, and in my opinion this is as silly as this. Don’t get hyped up over nothing.

Kotaku has nicknamed it “The Planet”.

There’s a pretty interesting discussion too, going on in the EP2 SPUF, in the Steamcast thread, spanning across approximately 12 pages.

As for the trailer, here it is:

New Left 4 Dead to be announced at VGA’s?

In this new trailer for the Spike VGA’s, at 0:20, right after “WORLD PREMIERES” appears on the screen, “LOOK CLOSER” flashes on the screen, followed by a QR code that leads to this link, which is followed by…:

This picture.

Could it be Left 4 Dead 3? A PS3 port of the L4D games? Some other L4D-related game?

I personally doubt it, but hell, you guys deserve to know and stuff.

That’s all we have for now. Pinky also posted up a more urgent Rumors post of his own.

(That doesn’t look much like Valve’s style – Pinky).

Damn it, Pinky, get out of my head! This is starting to feel like that ending twist from Black Ops.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!


  1. im pretty sure the zombie related stuff is for Resident Evil 6

  2. The only reason before this for me to be interested in the VGA’s was Biowares new game (Mass Effect 3! cough cough). Well thats just what i want anyhow.
    I now have something else to keep my eye on ;). Thanks for sharing this Vic! Gota love rumors.

  3. Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumors.

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