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Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Articles posted during Wednesday December 1st 2010

Rumors #2 [Updated]


Time for another one of these.

Remember, this is just speculation, and whispers we heard going round the street our office is on.

Well, more like the street our office was on.

See, now we can talk about that accident we mentioned in the Roundup. Let’s just say an accident took place. An accident that involved barbecue lighting fluid, one of those fancy electrical toothbrushes, and printer ink.

Rest assured, the office is in… good condition?

News Roundup #17


Good news. Despite our minor accident, which we’ll be able to talk about as soon as the court documents allow us to, the office isn’t completely destroyed… at all!

We fixed up the place and invited a local inspector to visit. He gave us some great compliments, such as “numerous flammable hazards”, “about to collapse”, “trash everywhere”, and “eviction notice”.

He also complained that the Roundup was late again, but I just yelled at him and called him a “foolish old man who probably hasn’t even played Half-Life”.

Apparently, one of those new-fangled SWAT APC’s with the water cannon and stuff is on this street, as I write this.

Bah! I laugh at their silly attempts to intimidate us! Don’t they know how much I love water? Water cannot kill me!