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Presenting: The LambdaGeneration Christmas Update!

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While this isn’t the big site update we’ve been teasing at for a few months, that’s no reason to fret! It’s December! Ho ho ho! Holy month! Christmas musak! Free food! Low prices!

And a LambdaGeneration site update!

Presenting: The LambdaGeneration Christmas Update!

Well, we’ve got quite the treat for you. It’s the LambdaGeneration advent calendar! While bashing your monitor will, sadly, not reveal hidden chocolate, it will reveal some other cool goodies.

The first window will open on December 1st, 12 PM GMT.

All other windows will open on the following days, also at 12 PM GMT.
(you can check what time this will be in your area here)

We hope you enjoy this, and remember, the LG 2.0 site update is still on its way!


  1. Nice job on the Combine Advisor mash. There were a few seconds of confusion before I made the visual connection, but it was funny when I did. 😀

    I like the unusual windows the most; so Ridiculous Tie, Party Escort Bot and Grigori’s Gas Bill are my other favourites… so far.

  2. Ditto for myself. I’m a day ahead, so will be deep into Christmas by the time the last one arrives.

  3. Something tells me that the last window is going to be the most epic of all… Patience… Patience…

  4. Sad thing:
    We celebrate it on the 24th.

    Soooo, I won’t get the last window D:

  5. Whoop!

  6. Good stuff, keep it up!

  7. Good thing there is no chocalate. I always wind up eating it in a few days 😛

  8. Looking good!

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