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PlanetPhillip Discussion Podcast #002

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Episode 2 of PlanetPhillip’s Discussion Podcast has been released (and we were slow in writing on it… again), not to be confused with their Roundtable podcast series.

PlanetPhillip Discussion Podcast #002

Joining Phillip Marlowe, of PlanetPhillip, was Patrick “Foxholeboy”. Another guest was due to join, but that didn’t work out. These were the topics of discussion:

  • Do you prefer smaller, polished mods or larger, less polished mods?
  • How well do you know the details behind the HL universe?
  • How do you feel about mods turning commercial?
  • A community-driven difficulty rating system for Portal 2 mods
  • Do we expect to die?
  • Looking backwards and forwards.
  • Some pretty interesting points here! Most of these have also been PlanetPhillip poll questions. Some of the mods that were touched on were Precursor, Research & Development, and Outpost 16.

    There were also some fake commercial breaks… one of which was for us! We’d like to thank Phillip for coming up with the idea, and William and Stephanie of Podcast 17 for recording it.

    Be sure to check the podcast out.

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