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Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Articles posted during Tuesday May 10th 2011

The Half-Life Series Mass Playthrough – Taking Place 15th May – 22nd May


I’d imagine it’s been a fairly long time since most of us have thoroughly replayed the Half-Life games – and looking at Episode Three (or should I say Half-Life 3?) and the speed with which it’s moving along, it’s probably going to get even longer soon.

But what if instead of just sitting around, idly waiting for… you guessed it, Episode Three, we did something a bit more impressive? I mean, don’t get me wrong, sitting around is quite the enjoyable activity. But one of the most important components of the Half-Life franchise is its community. Imagine Half-Life without all of the websites, communities, and mods that have sprung up over the years. Quite challenging, isn’t it?

So then, why not show Valve that we are still somewhere around here, still waiting, and that we are willing to resort to some extreme measures to show that. And by that we don’t mean… making more fansites or… sitting around, listening to industrial music.