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PC Gamer Interview with Valve – The Sacrifice

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The folks at PC Gamer have just posted a very informative little interview with Chet of Valve, on The Sacrifice, the comic, and a few other topics.

PC Gamer Interview with Valve – The Sacrifice

Here’s a brief sum-up of the most important things.

– The Sacrifice will be released come OCTOBER 5TH,  BABY! Let’s hope for no more The Passing-style delays.

– The comic will actually be around 190 pages, rather than 150. It’s a pretty big difference, don’t ya know.

– The original plan was to make The Sacrifice for L4D1 only, until they decided that the maps would fit very well with the new SI. Presumably, the L4D1 version will not feature the new weapons or SI, from L4D2.

– It will be a 3-map campaign, just like The Passing, but it will be longer due to the bigger maps. The finale will also be a new kind of finale, with 3 objectives to accomplish.

– No Mercy on L4D2 will be a lot tougher due to the new SI, says Chet, but players will receive L4D2’s massive arsenal to aid in their struggle.

– The comic will be released in 4 parts (each will feature one character of the L4D1 group), the first one will come in early September, the final part will cover exactly the same ground as the DLC and show Valve’s canon vision of the events, as they also take place in The Passing. It will show exactly how and why Bill died.

– The L4D1 Hunting Rifle will be updated to be more like L4D2’s Tactical Sniper Rifle.

– Valve believes that as long as they continue to support the game, L4D1 players won’t get upset, even if the L4D2 players get No Mercy, and even if the L4D2 campaign, which will probably be better, will most likely be the most played version.

– The DLC launch will coincide with the launch of the L4D series on Mac.

– Free on Mac and PC, 560 points (£4.80/$7) on Xbox 360.

– Depending on how many people play it on the PC and how many buy it on the 360 (Chet doesn’t say which version he’s talking about), Valve may continue DLC for L4D1.

Check out the full interview!

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