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News Roundup #51

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Much like Area 51, of Deus Ex fame. Except I am totally not Bob Page.

News Roundup #51

L4D: July 15th Update

For any Versus Survivors looking for an extra challenge!

Impetuous Windmills Interviews John Patrick Lowrie and Ellen McLain

Dota 2 talk? Surely it wasn’t just some collective dream?

Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie at Anime Midwest

I like how Ellen calls him by his full name. It’s a very majestic, noble name. It’s almost like a title. John Patrick Lowrie.

Eric Ruth To Release Team Fortress: Arcade In August

What next? A Half-Life Doom WA- oh, they’ve done that already. Fine, how about… L4D WAD? TF2 WAD? My, so many ideas! Ah, the WAD business is a space LambdaGeneration will almost certainly be colonizing soon. WADGeneration, here we come!

Dr. Grordbort’s Victory Pack Unveiled for TF2

Other two rockets? Are you two still there? Were you ever even there?

Dead Air Re-Released In L4D2

Yes, Valve can be on time when it comes to game updates. When will we get our Portal 2 Music Video Contest results, though?

Valve To Promote Dota 2 Through Live Tournament at Gamescom

Hot damn! We might finally see this thing in action!

Mysterious Horror ARG Begins


GMod Sells Over 1 Million Copies

I remember the days when it was just a mod. When we still had crossbows for tool guns.

Good times.

Viktor Antonov and Arkane Studios Begin Working On “Dishonored”

No idea if Antonov did work on EP4, but it’s a possibility, given that we have evidence to suggest Arkane was developing it at that time.

Bonus Snippet: Gorgeous GLaDOS Graffiti

The Bonus Snippets have returned, with this incredible graffiti of GLaDOS by artist Dozen! And they say this isn’t art!


Final Sequence

Sorry for the massive delay! I was sick throughout the past week, so sorry for neglecting the site! Still, I am back, and guess what tomorrow represents to the site! Some of you may know, some of you may not. You’ll know soon enough.

Thanks for reading!

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