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Friday, July 29th, 2011

Articles posted during Friday July 29th 2011

Erin Vondrak Asks: “Dear Valve, Hire Me”


Working for Valve is a dream job for many Valve fans. Imagine – developing Half-Life! Portal! Team Fortress! Counter-Strike! “Ricochet 2: Electric Boogaloo”! Playtesting all of the above! Talking to veteran devs! Eating at the snack bar! Staring at the memorabilia in their lobby! Eating at the snack bar, again!

Sadly, many of us will only get to fulfill their dreams in a visit and tour of Valve, as Valve doesn’t just hire anyone. They hire the best of the best. I’ve seen some of the great talent they’ve turned down in the past. It’s a shame, but if Valve didn’t hire the best of the best, we wouldn’t get the best of the best games from Valve, would we?

But for some folks, that might not be good enough. Meet Erin.