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L4D: 29th of July Update

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Yet another returning Mutation, plus a poll deciding the future of Mutations. If that doesn’t get you excited, and in the mood for… well, voting, then I don’t know what else could!

L4D: 29th of July Update

Everything is coming up Taannkk!!

Scared to play Versus? Think there is too much strategy? Don’t want to embarrass yourself? Give Taannkk!! a try. We simplify everything. What does everyone spawn as? Tanks. What is trying to kill you? Tanks. Why should you keep running? Tanks. You’re welcome.

Yes, the glorious return of “Taannkk!”. Left 4 Dead has been simplified right down to its bare molecules: hopeless chase followed by death. Except it’s really quite fun. Now it’s time to check out last week’s poll results:

Spawn Distances
4 to 1 you prefer the smaller spawn distances in the finale. That ratio is the same on PC as 360, so it looks like experience and desire lined up. We also looked at the poll during the time it was up to see if longer play time changed the ratio – nope. If you miss the old spawns, let us know why on Twitter, Facebook, or in the Steam Forums.

I don’t recall what I voted, but I do believe I prefer the new spawn distances. Speaking of polls, we’ve got a much more interesting one lined up for this week:

Would you like us to cycle through the top 4 Mutations next or continue through all of them one by one? The top 4 does include Taannkk! So this could be the start of the cycle or we can continue going down through the rest of the Mutations in order. So the question is – Would you like the next set of Mutations to be the top 4 by player minutes?

I voted “Not sure”. Far from a reference to Idiocracy, I simply couldn’t make up my mind. You folks go on and actually make the decision.

So, head on in Left 4 Dead 2, get voting and check out “Taannkk!”.


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