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Bloodlines Revival Trailer

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A long time ago, in an ancient version of Source, Troika released a game called Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. It was buggy and well… buggy, yet it received much praise. Community-made patches have made it steady on its legs, but an even more ambitious project has gone underway: to revitalize the game by means of porting it to the newest Source engine.

Bloodlines Revival Trailer

All the time, modders attempt to bring their favorite games over to Source, not satisfied with their current engine. “Why I love Call of Duty and STALKER, so how about I re-make it in Source?” You mean take a concept that has an engine built around it and drop it into an environment its not suited for? And possibly run into legal troubles? Well okay…

A lot of these mods go the way of “concept before code,” which usually yields a big jar of messy goop. Oh but here’s an idea: how about take a poor, defenseless creature and nurture it. Give it the best and take care of it. That’s exactly what re-make mods should do, and Bloodlines Revival Team have realized this. Their goal: to remake the flawed masterpiece with the newest available technology. Just to show it’s possible, they’ve released two trailers.

By the looks of things, they’ve got plenty of textures, models, and maps completed. However, they’re still looking for a coder (who isn’t these days?) to establish the core gameplay.

I never played the game, but this certainly makes me want to!

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  1. I don’t like Twillight…

    Still the scenery look very nice.

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