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Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead: GTTV Revelations

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The new episode of GameTrailers TV, focused on Valve, is finally live, and it brings a ton of new info! Check it all out after the jump.

Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead: GTTV Revelations

Once again, thanks to Pinky for helping me with the feature image. He chose it well, because it makes Geoff Keighley look retarded, and makes Erik Wolpaw look like a rapper.

Chapter 1 doesn’t feature any new, important things, other than showing off a very awesome wall at Valve’s HQ, so we’re skipping right to Chapter 2:

Chapter 2:

-Coop campaign as long as the singleplayer game

-The Coop bots are made by GLaDOS to get rid of human testing

-She runs into problems, as she needs a human observer for the test to actually mean anything (Schrodinger’s Cat type thing)

-She puts them on a few training exercises, then sends them into the bowels of Aperture Laboratories to get human relics, to become more human, so GLaDOS can continue normal Aperture testing, and get results from it

-More information about Portal 2 at PAX, in September

Chapter 3:

-Valve definitely wants to get PC-PS3 crossplatform online coop working

-They don’t think February 9th will slip

-Rest is BioShock Infinite, who cares?

Chapter 4:

-Left 4 Dead time!

-Confirmed: The Sacrifice and No Mercy will be on L4D2, in the same L4D2 DLC package, with the new weapons, items and SI

-There will be Mac support for everything

-150+ page digital comic drawn by the one and only Mike Oeming

-it will start in September

-split into 4 parts, each focusing on one of the Survivors

-it will lead into The Sacrifice, where Valve’s canon path will be shown, just like The Passing

-Bill will die in the comic

-Players will get to choose who dies, by sacrificing themselves

-free for PC and Mac, paid DLC on the 360

-this isn’t the end of DLC for both games, but Bill is done

-MAYBE there will be a new L4D1 survivor for the gang

Those are all the revelations! Thanks for reading. If you want to watch the full episode, check it out here:


  1. Anyone else hear in the talk with the writer he said ‘we’re still at apeture science for some of the game’ ?

  2. WOW. I wasent expecting this. Brilliant news!

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