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Vote For Valve At The 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards!

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This year’s edition of the Spike TV Video Game Awards, or “VGA’s” for short, are coming up this Saturday, on the 10th of December. Whether you believe every random “video game news” website that says “industry contacts” told them Half-Life 3 would be announced on stage (maybe you even believe that other website that says it might even be that mysterious PS3 exclusive), or if that weird T-shirt thing has just got you a bit more excited than usual, the VGA’s are still worth checking out. Why? Because Valve will probably be walking out of there with accolades, that’s why!

But they aren’t going to pull it off without your help! So, anyone ready to do some science? And by science, I mean “voting for Valve… again”?

Vote For Valve At The 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards!

There’s a number of categories you can vote in to help Valve out. Like Game of the Year, where you should vote for Portal 2. Or Studio of the Year, where you should vote for Valve. Or why not Best Xbox 360 Game, where you might as well vote for Portal 2? And Best PC Game, where you should also vote for Portal 2? That’s a no-brainer. Perhaps I might interest you in Best Multi-Player Game, where you should vote for Portal 2 as well. However, Best Song in a Game is a bit more tricky. You’ve got a binary choice here: either “Exile Vilify”, or “Want You Gone”. Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll vote for Portal 2 here.

While we’re on the subject of music, let’s check out Best Original Score, where you should vote for… you guessed it, Portal 2. Then we have the voice acting ones: Best Performance By a Human Male, where you must choose between J.K. Simmons as Cave Johnson, or Stephen Merchant as Wheatley. Whoever wins, Portal 2 wins, so get out there and vote. Over at Best Performance By a Human Female, be sure to vote for Ellen McLain as GLaDOS. And, lastly, head over to Best DLC, and vote for “Portal 2: Peer Review”.

So, in conclusion? Click all the orange text and vote for Valve! They deserve it. Any company that’s been hard at work on the next Half-Life for years would deserve all these awards. But there’s only room for one Valve, so get voting!


  1. Just a heads up, this year all of the winners will be picked up by the VGA Council of experts, voting on the site it’s just your personal pick on who you consider should win.

  2. Valve have registered the domain

  3. They made me choose between Portal 2 and Minecraft… I CAN’T CHOOSE GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  4. All my votes went for Valve <3

  5. Go Valve, but just to point out that the only actual vote-able categories are ‘Most anticipated game’ and ‘Trailer of the year”, the rest are picked by the award panels or whoever, and our votes are just for fun…

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