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Valve Talks About A PC-Only Keynote Conference At E3

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Another one for the list of “pretty cool things Valve is talking about” – perhaps the days of big PC-centric companies having to piggyback on Big Three press conferences for big announcements might be over!

Valve Talks About A PC-Only Keynote Conference At E3

In a discussion with PC Gamer, Doug Lombardi, Valve’s VP of marketing touched on the possibility of a unified PC-only keynote at E3. Keep in mind that, according to PC Gamer, Valve are still establishing their plans for E3 this year, but if this was ever to happen (and it really should), then Valve would definitely be the kind of company that would be spearheading such an effort. It wouldn’t be the kind of thing that we’ve seen in recent E3 showings:

“You know, we’ve talked about that a bit and I think what that looks like, maybe, is us not doing the shock and awe thing at the Galen centre or whatever, vis-a-vis the console guys, where you have three thousand people in there, and we have to hire some star to make it interesting, or we’re going to waste your time for two hours. ‘Waste’ is a little bit harsh, but anyway, we don’t want to burn your time for two hours.”

It’s definitely a great idea, and it’d be phenomenal if Valve was to set this up. The PC is always a bit neglected at E3 – perhaps this could turn it around. While Valve probably has enough material for a keynote conference of their own (this year, for instance, they have CS:GO; Dota 2; L4D2 DLC; Portal 2 DLC; TF2 DLC; Big Picture Mode, and that’s not even counting any possible Steam or game-related announcements they could make), they’ve always been the kind of developer that puts the PC and its customers first, so this would be a stellar cause. Check out the full article at PC Gamer.


  1. Exciting! Whatever Valve is cooking I’m sure it’ll be great.

  2. GO PC GAMING! So glad about this 🙂

  3. Simple idea, but noble. 🙂

  4. >they’ve always been the kind of developer that puts the PC and its customers first

    Well said! That’s also why they always were and will be the best in da biz.


  5. Companies show new games or hardware at E3, not DLC’s and “Game Modes”.

  6. I can guess what Valve will show off: TF 2’s new game mode, Portal 2 DLC, big picture mode and finish off with a Half Life 3 trailer!

  7. Would be magical if they did. It’s pretty sad since this is exactly what Microsoft should have been doing rather than launching their own console (because they basically already had a platform) instead of acting like gaming on PC/Windows is a failure and a total waste of time…

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