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Valve reveals Portal 2: Cube Edition- wait, what? EB Games exclusive?

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First it was those retailer-exclusive skins.

Valve reveals Portal 2: Cube Edition- wait, what? EB Games exclusive?

Now, EB Games is getting its very own special edition. Available exclusively to EB Games buyers.

No, this isn’t your worst nightmare. Valve may very well be going Assassin’s Creed on us.

This is it:

As you can see, it features a pretty big box. Doesn’t look too bad. Apparently, each box is individually numbered, which is pretty awesome.

The cube’s also pretty awesome.

And that appears to be it for this particular edition. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any others.


  1. Great article & excellent site.

  2. heyyyyyy guys I got this cube edition it’s awesome! I got it from EB games in Kingsway. As I got it on ps3, for a limited time, I also got the PC version aswell !!!! It’s a code where you put into steam then download it, absolutely free!! But as the Playstation Network Is down I can’t download the PC version yet…..

  3. Will this be available in the United States?

  4. I feel betrayed. Already preordered on steam.

  5. Meh…

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