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Valve Brings TF2 Charity Hats to the Mann Co Store to Support Japanese Relief Efforts

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Many have come to hate the Mann Co Store.

But this time, Valve is using it for what is a great cause.

Valve Brings TF2 Charity Hats to the Mann Co Store to Support Japanese Relief Efforts

Over on the Mann Co Store, you will now find five new limited edition, Japan-themed items. Three of them are hats – the Humanitarian’s Hachimaki, priced at $7.49, the Benefactor’s Kanmuri, priced at $19.99, and the Magnanimous Monarch, priced at… $99.99. Yes, you read that right. A 100 dollar hat.

There’s also two noise makers. The “Bell” Noise Maker is $1,49 and the “Gong” Noise Maker is $0,49. Following Noise Maker tradition, these are time-limited and do not drop or can be obtained through crafting or unboxing.

All proceeds, net of applicable taxes, go straight to the Red Cross’s Japanese relief fund. The hats can be equipped by all 9 classes, but they cannot be crafted, traded, or gift wrapped.

You cannot get these items in any other way, and after the 6th of April, they will not be available in any form. As we mentioned, for the Noise Makers it pretty much was tradition, but it’s interesting to see what Valve’s doing in this particular case.

European pricing is butchered (1 dollar is NOT 1 euro, Valve), as always, but fans are rallying for correctly converted European pricing. Let’s hope they are successful.

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  1. 99.99…. mental…

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