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“SD” Pack for Half-Life – Work In Progress

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Hi there λG-dwellers! I so rarely post most of you wouldn’t know me. I’m Erebus, or Waqwarrior, either goes.

“SD” Pack for Half-Life – Work In Progress

Anyway, I’m a model rigger and spriter for Half-Life 1. You may have seen my work on the Half-Life Improvement Team’s forums or the Half-Life Creations forums. I haven’t done nearly as many releases, there’s much that I’ve created but not released. A majority of that work was on an “SD” pack for Half-Life. “SD” is a term used by the communities to describe something that’s better than Gearbox’s HD Pack released with Blue Shift.

There have been packs like this before, yeah, but none of them really fit my tastes as much as the stuff I’m working on now. My goal is to capture the original style that made those 500-polygon graphics so loveable. With enhanced enemies, foe and friend alike, I hope you’ll enjoy my work once it’s released.

Opposing Force, Blue Shift, and Sven Coop packs are also planned. If you don’t like some of the stuff you see in the video, good news! I’m planning on having options; M4 instead of an MP5 if you so wish, et cetera.



  1. This pack is surely amazing, waqwarrior.
    PS: You probabily know me, I was magv from the HIT forums.

  2. Will this work on my original Sierra Half Life CD or will I need the Steam version?

    • Just about everything will work with the Half-Life CD version.

      The only things you’ll miss out on would be:
      *the new menu
      *detail textures

      The menu is pretty amazing, but the detail textures aren’t that great.

      If your CD copy is legitimate, you should register your CD Key with Steam; that way you’ll own Half-Life on Steam as well!

  3. Very nice work here!

  4. Wow looks very interesting! Can’t wait for a release!

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