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Opposing Force 2 – “Stadium” Demo Released

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It’s finally out.

Opposing Force 2 – “Stadium” Demo Released

Yes, it’s Opposing Force 2’s very first demo!

This demo contains the Stadium, a map which allows you to test out all of the new NPC’s and weapons, Forest Contact, one of the maps from the chapter “Deadlock Conflict”, and Crossfire, the well-known multiplayer map!

It’s a bit buggy, but remember, this is quite outdated. The team has made quite some progress since then, and most bugs you notice won’t be in the final product whatsoever.

So, we really recommend this demo. It’s fun, the maps look breath-taking, and we are eager to see more, especially since there may be more demos to come!

Also keep an eye out for further revisions to this demo.

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  1. Demo was lots of fun. Can’t wait to play the full version 😛

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