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News Roundup #57

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It’s been a very troubling couple of days for us here at LambdaGeneration. Between Half-Life 2 going non-canon, and most of the TF2 team losing their most valuable organs, we’ve had problems keeping up with it all.

News Roundup #57

L4D – August 26th Mutation Update

I still firmly believe Versus Survival should be an official game mode. Hey, let’s protest about it! Wait, no.

TF2: Sentry Sabotage

Silly Engy! Next time, use one of your weapons!

IGN’s Top 25 Modern PC Games

Half-Life 2: Episode Three for #1! Then Ricochet 2: Son of Diskman for #2. Then Day of Defeat: Space Robot Combat for #3. The gaming world will be brought to its knees.

Half-Life Texture Pack Released for Minecraft – Third-Party Fan-Made Project To Follow

Apparently, there’s a tree problem with the texture pack. You know, I never thought I’d ever write those words in my life. “tree problem”.

Sweet Mother – Is Half-Life 2 Non-Canon?

Pretty silly, yes, but it’s an entertaining trick nonetheless!

Steam Trading Out of Beta

And in under 24 hours, I’ve already received random trade requests disguised as random friend requests, for some Portal 2 item I had. How do these guys find those things?

Non-Standard Specimen

I swear that’s the best I could come up with.

What if that other combustible lemon launcher we showed off a while back breaks down? Back to throwing them all over the place? No, sir! Get another one!

Made by Forte-Girl over at DeviantArt, this thing will allow to burn down all the real estate properties of life’s manager, including, but not limited to, his most prized one of all – his house. I’m not so sure about putting 3 lemons in there, though. If one of them accidentally goes off, then so will the other two, and then burning down life’s manager’s house is going to have to take a back seat to “repairing your lemon-scorched visage”. Check it out at DeviantArt.

Final Sequence

Well, another one in the bag! Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

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