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News Roundup #45

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Well, this was a busy week!

News Roundup #45

L4D: June 3rd Update

Turns out players are distrustful of bunkers.

Valve Brings F2P Titles To Steam

Five so far, but who knows what else they’ll bring to the table?

Half-Life 3 Accidentally Revealed In Former Valve Dev’s Resume… Or Not.

Yeah, it’s probably fake.

Portal 2: Exile Villify Music Video Contest

I would have liked to see an official one, actually.

Half-Life: Portal to Black Mesa Released

And now it’s time to go back into stasis.

Meet the Medic Teased In And Around TF2?

Boy, after 4 long years, we might finally see the end of the “Meet the Team” series. At least it didn’t take Valve as long as the next Half-Life.

Razer Hydra Now Available On Steam, Featuring Exclusive Portal 2 DLC

I suppose we could have seen this on the PS3 (Move) and perhaps on the 360 (Kinect?), but oh well.

Final Sequence

I’m all done with school and my studies (until September, of course), so starting this week, we’ll be seeing a return to regular, frequent posts. We’ll also be covering some old stuff we didn’t get to talk about, so don’t be surprised if you see anything from a month back.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Question: By end of the “Meet the…” series, do you mean both medic AND the Pyro?

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