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News Roundup #33

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Apologies for the 4 days of silence. I’ve been quite busy lately (this is also why there’s been less news), and since I’m the only writer around here anymore (we’ll remedy this soon, though), it had a bad impact on the site.

Well, let’s start then.

News Roundup #33

L4D: March 11th Update

Follow the liter.

Wait, why didn’t they use gallon?

DE_Dust2 Turned 10 on the 13th of March

Aww, little guy. They grow up so fast.

Freeman’s Days – Trailer

Looks delightful!

Doug Church Now At Valve

Now what I want to see is a Half-Life game with Doug Church.

Black Mesa Soundtrack Has Gone Gold

Oh, snap.

Portal 2 – New TV Spot, Previews and Interviews

Great work for their first TV spot!

Final Sequence

Yet again, sorry for the lack of articles! This week should see the return of… well, the return of articles.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The return of the return of articles, hooray.

    Also,it should be interesting to note the uploader of this video.

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