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News Roundup #28

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28 weeks later… Vic finally remembered that Roundups are supposed to be released on Friday.

News Roundup #28

How A Bit Of TF2 Showed Up In Monday Night Combat, And Viceversa

It’s always great to get some insights into how Valve operates.

Gaming Heads’ Soldier

Yes, pre-orders for Gaming Heads’ new Soldier statue, the second in their TF2 line, have gone live. If you’ve got the dosh, we highly recommend this.

Day 8

One of the best Half-Life fanfilms around.

Garry’s Mod – New Update, Featuring Brand New Gestures; And Facepunch’s Lua Scripting Awards

Great stuff!

TF2’s Fanmade Medieval Update

Join in!

Steamcast Releases First Part Of Their New Gabe Newell Interview

So much information!

VideoGamesDaily Talks Portal 2

All these interviews are getting irritating.

Final Sequence

That’s it for this week.

As you can tell, I’ve finally decided to move Roundups up to what should have been the day they always got published on, which is Friday.

This isn’t very significant, but I thought that you folks should know anyway.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great News Roundup!

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