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New “Beyond Black Mesa” Trailer Finally Released!

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It’s finally here!

New “Beyond Black Mesa” Trailer Finally Released!

The full trailer for “Beyond Black Mesa”, a fanfilm featuring Adrian Shephard, and a band of rebels struggling to warn others of the impending Combine invasion, has just been released.

It looks spectacular!

I would do anything to see this thing.


  1. syked!

    also this captcha is stupidly hard

  2. I just said it: you try making a movie on a $1,200 budget.

    • See Escape from City 17, made on a $500 budget. Sure it didn’t have great acting or writing, but it was far superior to this in every way.

      • I liked Escape From City-17 part 1 quite a bit. It probably showed more taste and restraint than what I’ve seen so far of Beyond Black Mesa, but it also felt insubstantial in terms of story and characters.

      • Guys let’s just wait for the whole thing to get released, then judge it?
        It’s just a trailer you know.

        • No, Escape from City 17 had a terrible plot. As much as I refrain from unnecessary criticism, the plot was horrible.

          • The first part of Escape from City 17 seems to be more an introduction than an episode, So you cannot really judge the plot since there hasn’t been much of a story, They just show you that it’s based on the time of EP1, and shows you two rebel guys who try to escape from a train-station, The real plot might be revealed in Part 2 (which is a victim of the horrible rip in time a.k.a. ‘Valve Time’).

            • I can judge the story alright. Just because it’s an intro doesn’t mean they’re somehow freed from the obligation of a decent plot, especially since the new episode is 2 years late.

  3. I’m sorry, but this just pains me.

    At first it looked cool, but this new trailer shows just how much of a disregard for the Half Life story this “movie” truly is. This movie is, if I am correct, taking place AS the combine are invading after the black mesa incident. This means several things:

    1. Shepard is still in G-Mans stasis.
    2. There are NO human or transhuman combine soldiers.
    3. There is no Citadel, since it was built by the combine.
    4. There is no City 17. City 17 was made as an area for humans to live in relative safety from the wasteland, by the combine.
    5. And lastly, there is no Resistance. The Resistance spawned out of the Combine’s arrival and spread throughout Earth over the years, so having a resistance base that doesn’t know about the combine makes no sense.

    This stuff was apparent on my first viewing of the new trailer.

    Also the dialogue is cheesy and the acting is lame.


    • I disagree with number 4,
      The cities were made for humans to live safely from the dangers of the wasteland – By humans before the combine invasion, You must not that there was around 10 years of time between the Resonance Cascade and the 7-hour war.

      • Disregard for the story? Well, excuuuuuse me that they actually take liberties with the story and do their own thing. Should everyone just stick to the damn canon and do nothing other than “random rebel kills people during Uprising”? I personally applaud them for writing their own story. It clearly says “inspired by Half-Life”.

  4. This is one of the most professional Half Life-fan films there are (loved ‘Escape From City 17 Part 1’ too).
    I also demand that someone from the community will make a player model out of the combine eye-glowing soldiers in that film.

  5. Any news on when this thing is gonna be released?

  6. damn that looks awesome lol
    regardless of the HL nostalgia… looks like a decent action movie,
    especially considering its not a AAA big budget Hollywood title

  7. HUZZAR! Looking forward to the final release.

  8. i wanna see this thing so bad!

  9. Looks sweet!

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