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NECA’s Official Gordon Freeman Action Figure Revealed

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Ever since the NECA got involved with producing Valve-licensed merchandise in June of last year, they’ve been releasing a steady stream of swag, taken straight out of the Valveverse. But there hasn’t really been anything of note – anything that really captured my attention. Until now, that is.

NECA’s Official Gordon Freeman Action Figure Revealed

Meet the world’s first ever official Gordon Freeman action figure! Drum roll, please.

And drum roll right down, because this looks nothing like Gordon Freeman. Although I will admit that considering we never actually see Gordon in any of the games, I suppose it doesn’t matter that much at the end of the day – as long as he has glasses and a goatee, and the classic hairdo (we’re excluding the old ponytail, of course), it’ll pass.

Aside from that, the HEV suit looks pretty great – quite authentic (although the torso area looks just a tad awkward), and with a lot of lovely detail. The Gordon action figure, which stands at precisely 7 inches (so around 17.7 centimeters), also comes with: the iconic crowbar; the Gravity Gun; the Pheropod bugbomb; and of course, a little headcrab. Apparently, he’s also got 2 sets of inter-changeable hands and over 20 points of articulation.

The action figure is priced at $18, and is set to be released some time in September. It’s an okay price, I suppose – hopefully we see more Half-Life merchandise from NECA soon. Preferably before Valve decides to announce… yeah, you know.

And in other Valve merchandise news…

Gaming Heads have debuted the Portal 2 Sentry Turret statue, in standard as well as exclusive variants. The standard version is priced at $300, while the exclusive version costs $325, but includes a built-in voice module that plays a wide variety of Sentry Turret voice lines. Both versions will ship some time in Q4 2012.

And lastly, the Official Valve Store has completely surpassed my expectations for Valve-themed merchandise once and for all, with more new merchandise than ever before, on all fronts. These guys know how to do business, alright – do check it all out.

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  1. I just got a pair of these today. I love them! Although, I can’t figure out how to (safely) switch out the hands. 😛

  2. Did we ever get an exact release date? I’d like to know, I’ll be leaving my home for a while and want to get Gordon as soon as possible.

  3. Hello there, I love your phorum . Is there something I can do to receive updates like a subscription or some thing? I am sorry I’m not acquainted with RSS?

  4. But can he say something? Thought so 😛

  5. I’m sooooo buying this just for the headcrab, crowbar and gravity gun!

  6. I think the figure looks fairly close especially when compared to this image:

    I for one can’t wait to buy this figure. Hopefully its the first of many HL figures that come out.

  7. He has a resemblance to this image:

    I think its not 100% but not bad when compared to that image which is pretty high res. The face design on Alyx isn’t that good but the figure isn’t so bad and one I will be getting for sure.

  8. Hot Toys can make this kind of stuff better…


    This picture is amazing:

    Of course this must be expensive like hell…and 18 bucks for a action figure is very good, but…

  9. So buying this.

  10. Of course he doesn’t look like Gordon Freeman. It’s not supposed to. Characters from games/television NEVER look the same when you put them in reality, especially one that is made of clay.

    In fact, I think he looks fine.

    • Hm. That’s not entirely true, you can make action figures look cel-shaded or cartoon animated through clay. Why not video game animated? You can certainly do it.

      • Yeah, that’s not true at all. Gordon Freeman isn’t even stylized in any way, and most depictions of him are done in a fairly realistic style – so there’s no reason for him to NOT look the same as he did in promotional art.

  11. Only 18 bucks? I expected a much higher price with this coming from NECA and all that.

    Gotta pick this one up for sure.

  12. MY GOD, THIS IS MAGNIFICENT! But I got a question : Is the Gordon Freeman action figure available for international shipping?

  13. wonder why they didnt use Gordons face on the action figure, but whatever….

  14. Wow, thanks, Vic. A week before my paycheque!! 😀

  15. Damn, I wish I could get one of those.

  16. In the Half-Life when it was just released, he wasn’t looking like how we know it. 😛

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