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Half-Life Zone – New Half-Life 1 Modding Site!

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Step back into the lovely year of 2000, with Half-Life Zone, a brand new site dedicated to modding on the original Half-Life.

Half-Life Zone – New Half-Life 1 Modding Site!

Half-Life Zone is young, keep that in mind.

However, even for a brand new site, there’s still quite some stuff here to check out.

You’ve got a large listing of useful programs, not just for mapping, but for modelling, programming and creating sprites as well. You’ve also got some resource listings, though they kinda say bad s**t bout HIT or something.

Tutorials seem to be in progress, for now.

There’s even forums, too!

Overall, check out HLZ. For an early site, it seems to be doing well, and let’s hope it goes far!


  1. Have Half Life 2 fans ditched Half Life 2 because of the waiting for Episode Three and went back in time or have just the Half-Life 1 modders risen back from the dead?

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