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Garry’s Mod Sells Over 1 Million Copies!

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Garry’s Mod Sells Over 1 Million Copies!

Hey all! Looks like Garry’s Mod has sold over one million copies. Since its official release on the 26th of November, 2006, the mod’s had a slow and steady climb in sales over the years, with some spikes in sales here and there. The community has helped vastly with this mod, and as such, the mod has a large community centered around it, often making machinimas, comics and various fan-made content.

Garry’s even shared a sale graph with us, showing the highs and low of the GMod sales:

Old Garry was planning on releasing a big secret update after selling one million copies, but sales exceeded that number before he finished with the update. Looks like this update’s going to be pretty huge.


  1. Its realy interesting to see in period times that the sells just jumped up and was huge in some times (Sales, Probably :D)

  2. I suppose summer camp helped out, who wouldnt buy that for 1.99?

  3. AWESOME!!!!!

  4. Does anyone have more pictures like this? Or any selling statistic of any other game on steam?

    • Valve is generally secretive with information on their sales. This is the first official Steam graph we’ve seen directly from Steamworks. Valve has also revealed certain sale statistics from time to time.

  5. This was a triumph.
    I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

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