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CS: Global Offensive To Receive Post-Launch Zombie Mod DLC, As Official Game Mode?

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GunGame being included in CS:GO as Arsenal Mode is pretty cool and all… but we all know there’s one CS server mod that is much more popular and, possibly, more enjoyable. Just like GunGame, it’s made its way to all sorts of third-party games across all sorts of platforms, but its home will always be right here. Perhaps even more so, in the future!

CS: Global Offensive To Receive Post-Launch Zombie Mod DLC, As Official Game Mode?

In a brief exchange on Twitter, the CS:GO dev team confirmed that Zombie Mod might just be shambling its way to CS:GO as an official game mode, through post-release updates.

Q: Can you include Zombie as a standard game mode? [...]

A: We have talked with some of the guys supporting this. Will have them ready to go as soon as we can but it will be post launch.

It is rather vague, but it definitely sounds as if Zombie Mod might just be implemented as an official CS:GO game mode after the game’s release (so we might be looking at fall to winter). Which is… pretty damn exciting! I just hope Valve got in touch with the right people – lord knows there’s like a thousand different zombie mods out there in the wild. All that’s left to add at this point is JailBreak or something.

Now, my friends… let us have a moment of silence… in memory of VIP Assassination mode and Escape mode. And the Riot Shield. And Dynamic Weapon Pricing. RIP.

Source is CounterStrikeGO.com, via ValveTime.net.


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  1. It’s funny how so little people are actually NOT arguing about previous counter strikes and mods and shit like that but actually talking about the general topic. Well I applaud everyone that is being very mature.

  2. Please quit breathing. You are what runs gaming

  3. Keep it civil, guys.

  4. does anyone remember these good old days of AS and ES maps ? … when CS was only a HL-mod created by 2 HL-fans …
    since VALVe took over leadership everything changed … AS and ES was removed completly … new types like fy_ , kz_ and surf_ came up … to proof HL-engine can handle it … and CZ finaly ruined it with failed “graphics-update” and “single-player mode” …

    SOURCE engine itself was a big step for VALVe … needless to say that alle existing games were upgraded to the new engine *TFC > TF2 , DoD > DoD:S , CS > CS:S* … but was it that good ? w/o asking the community for insparation instead of just porting all to SOURCE ?

    and now ? CS:GO w/ farly update Portal2-engine *i guess* cames up and will include zombie-mode by default ?

    VALVe ? what the hell are you doin ? pls learn how to count to THREE and release next HL title … instead of totaly f*cking up a game wich allready f*cked up by porting it to SOURCE engine …

    for now : i would’nt buy CS:GO unless price falls down to 10€ … MAX … *never will do the same mistake again and buy a full-price title *portal2* in pre-order time where only 10% given …*

    • How about complaining somewhere where Valve might actually read it

    • I can’t see how TF2 is TFC ported to Source.

    • Commenter Avatarcalculating...WRONG!¡!¡March 13th 2012 at 3:52am

      first off your dissing valve on a fan website. second its $ not stupid € or£ ¥ §, got it?! DANM RIGHT YOU DO. also dont diss the SOURCE engine. its kickass and without you couldnt be able to complain about shit on this website cuase valve would have failed without it. END OF INTERNET ARGUMENT.

      • dude … stop shitin around about US-Dollar …
        i live in germany … so i have to pay in euro …
        alex … founder and leader of this group … lives in UK .. so he have to pay pounds …
        russians need to pay in ruble … asians in yen *or what ever the local currency is* …

        only valve itself *and those who live in the US* are usin US-dollar and a half-way fair price …

        users form other countries pay more …
        so HL costs 10 US-Dollar … thats just 7,59 euro …
        BUT : i have to pay 10 euro … thats 13,18 US-dollar … and i have to pay the exchange fee as well …
        so if i buy a game on steam-shop … i pay around 30% more than it would be worth …

        same for other currencies …

        so pls … stop crying about different currencies … coz you dont have to worry about it …

        btw : you sound like a stupid 12year kid who just dont know the old GoldSrc engine … so you cant compare and would know that source was just a mistake and “copy-together” of some other engines *Havok-Physics … for example* … so only the bridges between these engines itself was written by valve …

    • Fy, ks and surf were made by noob mappers, not Valve.

      Hovewer it’s sad that Valve support those noobish things, they replaced HL2DM screenshots on Steam with retarded killbox/plugin crap.

  5. CS server modders must burn in hell. CS 1.6 is killed with mods.

  6. The majority of my time in CSS was spent playing zombie mod. I happy to see this.

  7. Urmm? Isn’t the zombie game on CSS where people run at you with knives? If they do something similar maybe with a new zombie weapon model, I may be interested.

    However, I remember how pissed off with the zombie mod I always was.

  8. Is portal 2 and dota characters still planned for cs:go?

  9. ….. They already have “Left 4 Dead” so why a zombie mode? All those games with zombie mode, so stupit!

  10. What game is this???

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