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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Cinematic Launch Trailer

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Originally partly revealed on GameTrailers TV’s Valve-centric episode (which we’ll have in-depth coverage on shortly), here is the full-length CS:GO promotional short!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Cinematic Launch Trailer

It’s 4 minutes in length, and depicts what amounts to a single round on the map DE_Nuke: GSG 9 counter-terrorists defend a German nuclear facility from Phoenix Connexion terrorists. It’s a relatively simple setup, but the execution, artistry, and sheer quality of this trailer is simply astounding. See for yourself:

Yeah, I would actually have to say this is the greatest animated short Valve has ever produced. Easily their best work here, just look at all that’s on display here: the cinematography, the action, the visual effects, the soundtrack work. For me, this is definitely the best trailer Valve have ever created, going back to Day of Defeat: Prelude to Victory, back in late 2005, when the Source Filmmaker first came about.

Maybe the plot’s not so… inspired, but visuals and camera work are the key things a film hinges on, and this cinematic trailer hit all the right buttons in just the right way. Amazing work!

Valve’s Meet the Team series for TF2 was a huge hit, and similarly, I think a Meet the Factions series for CS:GO would also be interesting. But it would fundamentally hinge on us getting a faction selection feature… so two birds with one stone, there?

In the end, we can all agree on one thing: hopefully Half-Life 3’s pre-release marketing extravaganza will also bring us something as impressive as this CS:GO short. It’d only be fair!

And in other CS:GO news, pre-purchasers of CS:GO on Steam will be getting their hands on a limited edition TF2 sniper rifle: the AWPer Hand, which is a reskin of the stock sniper rifle.

In other, more note-worthy news, Valve have been assisting community developers with the Zombie Mod for CS:GO. However, this won’t be an official game mode, and it seems like it’ll be exclusive to the multiplayer gaming community Plague Fest, but I may be mistaken. In any case, you can find more details in Josh of Plague Fest’s post on the CS:GO Steam forums.


  1. WE have been waiting for you a long time freeman. Now its time for you to do your part

    long live Lambda Corp.

  2. Ouh, this trailer is one piece of bullshit. VALVe did NOT even researched any facts used in this trailer.

    1) “Harz” is a little mountian forest. Highest point is called “Brocken” and is 1141m above sea level. Most part of “Harz” belongs to southern part of east germany, and the only nuke-power-plant in east germany was in “Greifswald” wich is located almost at the north-east most point of east germany. It was shut down in 1989 as USSR falls apart. At least this fact is total wrong. And it hurts even more because I live near “Harz” and know it very good.

    2) A germany Police-man would NEVER say “flashbang” nor “hurry up”. So the mixture of german and english language, and something between, is very bad. Even this trailer is an english one, if the story uses Germany as its place there should be germans as voice actors, no matter if the rest of the world understands it. So if VALVe wants the world to understand the trailer, why didn’t they choose UK or US for place of story ?

    3) The german special forces (GSG-9 belongs to german army; the squad used for this trailer is called “SEK” and belongs to civil police) are trained to NOT use thier weapons, so they wouldn’t use this much firepower. It’s very up-setting to see that VALVe presents german special forces as bad-ass as US-army.

    These facts and some more background-informations you have as a german makes this trailer a piece of total bullshit. Not even the fact VALVe didn’t research, but also will release it “cutted” in germany to follow german laws.

    Well, i think thats enough from a german community-member who is really up-set about latest “VALVe’s masterpiece (of bullshit)”.

    • I totally understand your concerns, Spike. That said, however: sorry, but you’re just nitpicking here.
      First off, the GSG-9 operators speak English because this is a trailer intended for a worldwide audience – having them speak German would result in only German speakers being able to understand it. They chose DE_Nuke because it’s a distinctive and memorable Counter-Strike location, and the map of choice for many competitive leagues. DE_Nuke has taken place in Germany since 2004’s CS:S.
      And it’s quite vain to demand that everyone speak German just because it’s set in Germany – what about Half-Life 2, which takes place in Eastern Europe, but has everyone exclusively speak English? Would you have liked it if everyone in HL2 spoke Ukrainian, or Romanian?
      As for the GSG-9 itself (because that is the GSG-9 in the trailer, and they are a part of the Federal Police) using too much firepower… true, but again, that’s just artistic license. The trailer would not have been entertaining at all if it was just a clip of these guys tackling terrorists to the ground, or something – in fact, it would have been boring and a waste of time. This is a really intense and action-packed short, and Counter-Strike is all about high-octane action and crazy firefights… so if you’re looking to see real-world tactics and doctrines, then you have come to the WRONG place.
      And by the way, Valve are well aware that the GSG-9 are trained to not use their weapons – in fact, it’s even written in CS:GO’s loading screen info points. So don’t accuse them of not doing their research!
      So maybe they got the location wrong, yes – but at the end of the day, does it really matter? Counter-Strike has never taken locations or factions very seriously at all, so it’s not like this is the first time it’s happened – in which case, I’d say it’s an acceptable error. It’s never been firmly grounded in reality, and I don’t see why anyone would have expected otherwise.
      Believe me, I could name numerous other glaring inconsistencies that have popped up in Counter-Strike over the years – but at the end of the day, it’s simply a fact of life we have to deal with in order to enjoy CS itself.

  3. Nonononono. The trailer is all wrong. The CTs should have taken this with no casualties!

  4. Oh yeah, we all did forget about the L4D intro. That is still by far the best- taught you everything you needed to know without playing the game. Except the boomer.

  5. 1. You’re not entitled for anything, and Valve owes you nothing. Stop being a spoiled brat and wait. Kids like you are what’s wrong with Valve fans.

    2. In case you obviously cannot read too well, Half-Life 2: Episode Three is NOT Half-Life 3.

  6. Im l4d man, so l4d1 intro still makes best impression. This from now on will ne my no. 2 in Valve shorts.
    Same with zombies, imo they should focus more on proper zombie frenchise, because comparing to other titles/dlc lauched lately, Cold Stream was failure.

  7. Well come on, it is a good trailer, surely well animated, but not as good as the last MvM trailer. That really gave me the thrills, mostly thanks to perfect music. I hope people can create sth even better now that SFM is out



    • For what I know won’t be the last time, Valve’s involvement on CS:GO basically amounts to funding, publishing, and supplementary stuff like this video, with Hidden Path doing most of the real work. this is no way has hindered their work on HL3.

      • I’m pretty sure Valve is doing a fair bit of the work as well – but let’s not forget that Valve employs over 325 developers. They do have an active HL3 cabal, so there really is no problem.

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