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BREAKING: Gabe Hints Towards No Half-Life At The 2011 VGA’s?

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Well everyone, it’s been a great ride this week after all of the hype building up to the VGA’s. I’ll admit it got me really thinking so I decided to email Gabe this morning to share my excitement and to see what kind of answer I could might receive back. The answer may or may not surprise you.

BREAKING: Gabe Hints Towards No Half-Life At The 2011 VGA’s?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it doesn’t look good for a Half-Life reveal tonight.

Either way I’ll let you guys do what we do best and try to look on the bright side of this. Maybe Gabe is just warning me to get my spare clean pants ready for when I do soil them tonight.


  1. OMG… 1+1+1=3


    Don’t let your hopes down yet broskis.

  3. Very much sadness… 🙁

  4. Commenter AvatarAlexander the GreatDecember 10th 2011 at 9:57pm

    I think the announcement of Half-life 3 would have more style than the VGAs!

  5. *But there are three dots at the end of the email!*

    It’s not that surprising they’re not announcing it yet. They have their handsfull with DOTA 2 and CS:GO. Maybe next year.

  6. Maybe we’ll see some GO instead, or some Dota 2!

    Valve’s probably saving themselves for E3…


    Sorry, guys.

  8. If you’re honestly surprised by this, I feel bad for you.

  9. HL:Aftermath? ;P
    Maybe new Half-Life doesn’t need the “3” in the title.

  10. Episode 2.5 confirmed!

  11. It’s okay, guys! He’s just joking! Right? Yeah, of course he is! SHUT UP!

  12. OMG I think I’m just gonna sit in the corner of my room and cry the rest of the evening.

  13. Gabe gives you clean pants because you need them after the show.

    I hope….


  15. That was clear. We won’t see HL3 or a other game from the HL Universe in 2011. They make more Money with Hats in TF2 and DOTA2 then with Half-life. It’s so sad. 🙁

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