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ApertureScience.Com Updated – New Holiday Vault Camera Feed

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After Christmas of 2007, the webpage no longer featured the DOS-style prompt. It instead featured a camera feed from “Holiday Vault 07”, showing a stack of HL2 crates, a Portal turret, Gnome Chompski, TF2 Christmas tree decorations and whatnot.

3 years later, it’s finally been updated.

ApertureScience.Com Updated – New Holiday Vault Camera Feed

Heading over to now shows that the camera feed has been replaced to the feed of “Holiday Vault 10”. The HL2 crates have been replaced with a stack of Portal 2 Weighted Storage Cubes. Gnome Chompski is no longer next to the chimney, the TF2 tree decorations have been replaced with Pivot Cube decorations, and Gnome Chompski will no longer brutally assault the camera view after a random number of views, having been replaced with P-body, or if you prefer, the Orange Bot.

It’s cool to see Valve returning to some of their old sites to wish us happy holidays.

To check it out, head over to:

If you want to see the old Holiday Vault:


  1. love art

  2. Commenter AvatarCorruptedTurret349July 19th 2011 at 4:03am

    Valve, It is SUMMER. JULY 2011. And it’s still christmas there?
    I’m afraid you’ll be waiting a looooooooooong time ’till santa gets here.

  3. I’m pissed, because i just recently became a massive portal fan. When i heard there was an apperture science website, I wanted to try all the commands on it. When I arrived I found a cute video. I giggled bit, and sat there waiting for the login to pop up. I got even more pissd, because I discovered YOU CANT DO THAT ANYMORE. WTF is wrong with valve? seriously, why the hell could you not have kept the login thing?

  4. Where did the command line go?
    You mean I can’t use it anymore??
    Also I kinda expected a personality core to show.

  5. Oh dear, no crowbar by the Fireplace?


  6. On the old video, you forgot the crowbar near the fire, but what is “whatnot”?
    And I think that I see the TF2 Portal pre-order item on the wall behind the tree… And you can see the Blue Bot sometimes…

    • By “whatnot” I meant the various Orange Box-related items in the 2007 Holiday Vault. The crowbar, as you mentioned. As for the Companion Cube Pin, yes, I believe I can see it as another one of the tree decorations. As for Atlas, I can’t really see him.

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