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Upcoming Team Fortress 2 Television Series?

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Recent announcements of a possible TV series set in the Team Fortress 2 universe have made waves through the community, leaving many trying to figure out if it’s a joke or a hoax.

Upcoming Team Fortress 2 Television Series?

According to the Facebook page of Happy Little Guillotine Studios, a company who specializes in creating advertisement campaigns and full-length television series using client company’s intellectual properties, “Escape From Team Fortress II” is in post-production and is planned to be released in 2015.

There was also a Tweet by voice actor Daniela DiIorio mentioning the show and it’s involvement with

In terms of the actual plot, here is a full summary that was released on IMDB:

Gary, Simon and Alisa – three friends who haven’t seen each other in years – have reunited for a game night. Unfortunately, game night turns into them being transported against their will inside Team Fortress II – a popular, cartoon-world shoot-em’-up where blood, gore and death are the main currency. Oh, and hats. With Alisa captured, Gary and Simon must join forces with a group of other ‘normies’ – people have who have been sucked into the game – to try and rescue her and maybe, just maybe, get back to their regular lives.

It’s unclear how the cinematic of the plot will actually roll out on-screen, especially under the assumption that there will be an incorporation of live action actors into a show that will probably be set in an animated environment, potentially using Source Filmmaker.

Director/Writer Yuri Baranovsky is bringing the Civilian back to Team Fortress II.

Director/Writer Yuri Baranovsky is bringing the Civilian back to Team Fortress II.

The expansion of Team Fortress 2 beyond it’s video game roots in this manner shows that Valve maybe considering exploring other potential directions for the franchise.

Could this show be the beginning of a very unexpected direction for our favorite ragtag team of mercenaries?


Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Interesting! That’s a lot of burgers if you want to get your money’s worth

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