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Community Spotlight: Kelly Bailey – Enemy #1

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As a result of the recent public release of Steam Music, which also saw the release of the Half-Life and Portal soundtracks as free DLCs on the Steam Store, this week’s Community Spotlight features the work of DJ Anton Dubrovin (known online as “Thonidy”) who has created an awesome hour-long musical mix of the work of Kelly Bailey.

The mix, entitled “Kelly Bailey – Enemy #1″ is an hour long mashup of music from the Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Portal soundtracks. It’s an excellent compilation of Bailey’s work from his time at Valve, so if you are in the mood for some soundtrack nostalgia to work to then this is a great listen.

Kelly Bailey was originally the senior sound designer at Valve from 1997 to 2010. He also was a programmer for the games and was even involved with the modelling of Gordon Freeman’s face.

Here is an interview he did about his work on the original Half-Life soundtrack in 1998:

Mike Morasky announced at the start of this year that Bailey has since returned to Valve, although his name has not been relisted on Valve’s “People” page.

Here is a full track list of Thonidy’s mix:

  • City 17 Intro
  • Hazardous Environments 
  • Probably Not A Problem
  • Hard Technology Rock
  • CP Violation
  • Something Secret Steers Us
  • Combine Harvester
  • Brane Scan
  • Particle Ghost
  • Triage At Dawn (Thonidy ‘Suitsong’ Remix)
  • Negative Pressure
  • Hunting Party
  • Abandoned In Place
  • Military Precision
  • Decay Mode
  • LG Orbifold
  • Jungle Drums
  • Subject Name Here
  • Adrenaline Horror
  • You Can’t Escape, You Know
  • Nova Prospect
  • The Innsbruck Experiment
  • Eon Trap
  • Last Legs
  • Sector Sweep
  • Vortal Combat
  • What Kind Of Hospital Is This?
  • Tracking Device (Remix)
  • Shu’ulathoi
  • No One Rides For Free
  • Tracking Device
  • Klaxon Beat
  • Apprehension And Invasion
  • Lambda Core
  • Alien Shock
  • 4000 Degrees Kelvin
  • APC Chase
  • You’re Not A Good Person
  • Distrupted Original
  • Guard Down
  • Triple Entaglement
  • Our Resurrected Teleport
  • Self Destruction
  • VLVX Song 9
  • Sand Traps
  • Hard Fought
  • You’re Not Supposed To Be Here
  • Biozeminade Fragment
  • Tau-9
  • Stop What You Are Doing
  • Pulse Phase
  • Penultimatum (Thonidy rearranged mix)
  • Dark Energy
  • Sirens In The Distance
  • Kaon
  • Hazardous Environments
  • Taste Of Blood
  • Still Alive

Oh and the background image used is a wallpaper created by Eric Minaker for a role-playing Source mod called Modular Combat, you can download it here.

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