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Valve Releases Meet The Pyro, And Source Filmmaker Goes Into Beta

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At long last!

Valve Releases Meet The Pyro, And Source Filmmaker Goes Into Beta

After almost five years, Valve have finally concluded Team Fortress 2’s Meet the Team series, with the long-awaited Meet the Pyro. Let’s take a look:

In addition, Adult Swim have revealed part of their unannounced Valve project: a TF2 Robot Chicken hat promotion. If you sign up for the Adult Swim newsletter before the 4th of July, you will receive a Steam promo code for an all-class Robot Chicken hat, for use in TF2.

According to the Adult Swim-TF2 FAQ page, if you sign up by midnight today (the 27th of June), you will receive the code tomorrow, some time on the 28th. But if you sign up after midnight today, you’ll receive the code on the 5th of July (you’ll still be able to enter the code and get your hat). Apparently, this isn’t all Adult Swim has in store for the Valve community, so stay tuned!

Also, the Valve Store now has… “Inflatable Baloonicorns” in stock, and they include some sort of TF2 item promo code. No idea what item this code is for, and I’m hoping it’s not a Baloonicorn-exclusive item. The Baloonicorns themselves are a reference to Meet the Pyro.

And in the big news… being released alongside MtP is the Source Filmmaker (also known as the SFM), a story-telling and film-making editor tool for the Source Engine. It’s been in development in-house at Valve for over 5-7 years, and to date they’ve used it to create over 50 of their animated short films. It’s just as versatile, just as robust, and just as amazing as we always hoped it would be since it was first leaked in the 2007 pre-release Team Fortress 2 beta. Here it is:

You can sign up for the Source Filmmaker closed beta on the official SFM website. It will exit beta status, and become available for all, later this year. The official FAQ page will answer all of the questions you might have, as well as a few you might not have known you had. And on the Source Filmmaker YouTube page, you’ll find links to many of Valve’s animated films that were created using SFM.

But apart from all that? Well, we’re still waiting for Valve to reveal Day 3 of the Pyromania Update. Who knows what it’ll include? It should be revealed later today, although I assume the update itself will only be released tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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  1. Source Filmmaker beta invites is the greatest Valve news in a long time. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  2. FOR THOSE ARE HAVING PROBLEM to sign in Adult Swin (many people are getting a weird error page), open the link in the steam browser (in-game), the page will show correctly.

  3. Haha, I thought it was hilarious!
    I would absolutely LOVE a beta key for this!

  4. hey, Nice article! love meet the pyro! btw.. where do i sign for the Adult Swim newsletter ?

  5. I did not like the video, but that’s just my opinion…you liked, Vic? (I bet yes)

    • Oh yeah, I neglected to add my thoughts in the article. Yeah, I absolutely adored it – a great way to end the series, if you ask me. What didn’t you like about it?

      • Well, it’s well made, and I must admit it’s funny, it’s a great joke, but…after see Heavy internal organs, Soldier talking with decapitated heads and the Spy’s head explode, I was really hoping for that blood Valve promised, not a metaphor or a “censored” version. I wanted to see really a lot of violence, explicit, not just the Pyro vision.

        Sure there is violence, and many people are saying the way Doc and Sniper died is disturbing, but I don’t think. Geez, soldier was talking with decapitated heads, and we saw it.

        And when the “candyland” begun, I thought “fu**, will they do some s*** My Little Pony reference?”. I really don’t like that little girls stuff.

        In short, I hoped to see a lot of explicit violence, not figure of speech.

        And the video is too short.

        Of course, that is just my opinion, it’s nice that so many people are enjoying. I understand the point of the video, I just think this is not the better way to finish the Meet the Team.

  6. On 1:23 of the video, when the pyro hits the scout with a flare, theres no scattergun being dropped by the scout.
    but overall, its an freakin awesome video.

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