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Valve Developing Their Own Free-To-Play Title

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So Valve recently brought Free-to-Play gaming to Steam, with 5 initial titles. Of course, we can expect to see more F2P titles on Steam in the coming months, but what if Valve was doing their own F2P title?

Valve Developing Their Own Free-To-Play Title

Turns out that’s more than just conjecture. French gaming site “Barre de Vie” released an article titled “Valve se lance dans le free-to-play”. Now, I actually know a bit of French, which came as a bit of a surprise to myself, so I could then translate them words to “Valve is launching into the free-to-plays”, which I find to be a better translation than Google Translate’s “Valve launches into the free-to-play”. This now makes me more efficient than Google’s translation algorithms. Which is great.

The article is pretty lengthy, and is completely written in French. There is one very interesting part, that forms the basis of the entire article. Here it is, in French:

Quand on lui a demandé si Valve avait ses propres projets de F2P, Doug Lombardi nous a répondu un classique et succinct « Yes. »

Now, this is a bit more tricky. Can I do it? I do wonder.

When asked if Valve has its own F2P projects, Doug Lombardi responded with a classic and succint “Yes.”

Oh, boy! I can do it, I can do it. I wonder what Google Translate has to say about tha- 

Wait. Valve? Doing an F2P title? What could it be? An unannounced title? In which case, will it be an MMO? Perhaps Prospero? Or is it an already-announced title, such as Dota 2? Keep in mind that official release details for Dota 2 have not yet been announced, and that League of Legends, which is strongly inspired by Dota and will be a competitor to Dota 2, is a F2P title. Or perhaps this F2P title will be a re-release of an existing title?

That’s all Doug says, and there are no further details in the article. Still, you should probably check the original article out.

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  1. It’s already confirmed to be TF2

  2. Gamescom, that is?

  3. Probably DOtA 2, otherwise why would Valve be working on two MMO’s at the same time?

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