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Valve And Dark Horse Announce “The Art of Portal 2”

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If there’s one thing that Valve is absolutely crazy at, it’s concept art. And Portal 2 had a lot of it. If you’re a Potato Fools’ Day veteran, you probably still have the hidden DLC archives tied to your account, which in total contain nearly a hundred Portal 2 concept art images. Maybe you even have the Portal 2 Collector’s Edition Guide by Future Press. But we haven’t seen all the delicious imagery Valve conjured into existence throughout Portal 2’s nearly 4-year development cycle. And it seems like they’re well aware of that – which might be why they’re going to make sure we do see it!

Valve And Dark Horse Announce “The Art of Portal 2”

Yesterday, at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington (not too far from Valve’s HQ in nearby Bellevue), Valve and Dark Horse revealed “The Art of Portal 2”, a 184-page hardcover book containing concept art, sketches, renders, and commentary from P2’s developers and creators. It’s scheduled to release on the 31st of October, 2012. No word on the price tag yet, but we can expect it to be priced similarly to “Valve Presents: The Sacrifice”, and the Portal 2 Collector’s Edition Guide, which both had a price tag of $25 upon release. And for almost two hundred pages of lovely, lovely art? I’d say that’s a pretty good price.

This is pretty cool. I’ve gotta say, I’ll probably be picking this up. How about you? Here’s some of the never-before-seen art we’ll be seeing inside, courtesy of Kotaku:

The last picture is the greatest thing I’ve seen in my life.


  1. That looks amazing.

  2. Its released on my birthday!
    And i know what im getting

  3. Bloody hell those are amazing.

  4. Where can I buy it`?

  5. Last picture: Android Hell

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